Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Stand Up Guy

Many moons ago when Miss T was a wee little one, oh between 3yrs and 7 yrs, she was full of questions.....

One of her favorite's being "Why?" about everything you told her.

But her best one was "What do you and Tommy do when you go to bed?" and my favorite answer was

"Tell jokes!"

She bit and hung on to that one....and played along.  We'd tell "knock knock" jokes and she'd laugh and we'd laugh about it later on.

So tonight she was a bit freaked out and crawled in bed with me about 11pm ......after oh, 30 minutes or so, I said to Tom "let's tell jokes" (which has a hidden meaning to it).

One particular joke I will tell her is "What do you call a chicken crossing the road?"........she never knows the answer.

"Poultry In Motion!" and I just laugh at myself.  Of course, she doesn't get it.

So tonight she ANSWERS me! "Poultry In Motion" and says "I still don't get it!".

About 2am Tom wakes me........."badda bing" and we're laying there laughing, and I said "Let's tell jokes" (hidden meaning) and he comes right back with...........

...........My Stand Up Is Done for the night!!!!!!


I said "so, you're telling me that your stand up has SAT DOWN for the remainder of the evening!"

Laughter.....snicker....."still got it at my age" .... High 5's....

and I said.......

I gotta go BLOG!


garnett109 said...

My stand up got up and left, Elvis Has Left The building! Lmao!

nolefan38 said...

How funny........made me morning,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, hugs, Sherry

ktkamanski said...

You crack me up ~ And yes you still got it! Take care and enjoy your weekend,

nhd106 said...

Very cute!

katie39041 said...

loved the entry lol you crack me up.
love and hugs

cacklinrosie101 said...'s to more joke telling.  This cracked me up....have a great Sunday!  HUGS Chris

mpnaz58 said... sound so happy in this post!  It is nice to read that you guys are getting along.  It takes two people to be present in a relationship, at all times.  We tend to get lax in that department when the other person isn't doing what we expect, or the other way around.  Take care...
xoxo ~Myra

lifes2odd said...

ROFL!! Sounds like things are good over there!
Martha :-)

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))That is so cute and I love the pic of you 2.

queeniemart said...

hey, i "get it" and i am sitting here enjoying your funny moment. Look how pretty you are in that pic!

sunnybethe said...

OMG that's sooo funny!  
Love the pic of you & Tom.


chat2missie said...

Too funny!

imgr8phil said...

You are funny!  Poultry in motion LOL.  I can't wait for the day that she gets it and probably rolls her eyes when she does.  Have a good Tuesday.  Take care.


cuteallison1980 said...

I have a question about the entry. Why?  LOL  And don't give me that foul comment about being a chicken that is moving, because it is too poetic for me.  LOL  Have a happy day. : )


ljjellybean71 said...

That's too funny!