Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Crabby answers

First lemme say that I'm still not sure what's in that crab hole.  I've emailed the pic to a science teacher.  Roomie says that it appears to be a large anemone that a crab has conquered for snacking on.

That's gotta be one big crab by now!  I'm just glad I wasn't digging in the sand and found it....I would have pee'd myself for sure!!

On the way home last night from dance, Miss T wanted a Subway sandwich and wanted the LO's for lunch.  So we go in and I order a foot long ham n cheese toasted with the lettuce, pickles, banana peppers, oregano and STOP!

Only put mayo and the oil/vinegar on one half please and cut it and wrap that one separately.  Yes, this is to go, thank you.

I had my eye on the 1/2 that had the mayo on it only the cashier grabbed one or the other and was shoving them into a bag as the prep guy was telling her "this is a foot long not 2 halves".

So she's shoved these in the little plastic bag and I look her dead in the eye and say "which one has the mayo?".

Get this:  she says "how should I know I didn't make them he did". 

I say "I know, and that's why I asked for them to be wrapped separately."

She rambled about how someone should tell the prep guy to write on it.......

I just stood there in a dead silent glare letting her know that I was NOT HAPPY.

(Geeesh it had the beginnings of a LISA JO story, but not quite as good.)

I'm sure by the look on my face (disgust and disdain) and the fact that I tossed down my $10 she got my point.  No, it wasn't her fault, but her cackling "how should I know" was uncalled for.

Don't I have enough of my own drama without others adding to it?

Speaking of my drama.........

Did I tell you that I was up Friday morning and out the door at 5am with Tom to head to E.City for his 9:30am court appearance? 

Attorney talked to DA and said "the cop charged him in error...he's not habitual and I have the papers proving it"....so the charges were reduced to a regular DUI and is pending the next court date of June 13th.

Yes, Friday, June 13th.

Am I letting up on him?

No friggin way!

Just today I watched as he did something....and I said "sad how no one trusts you anymore".

I had Miss T at the docs on Monday due to her panic attacks.  It's the same story of course - home drama i.e. Tom.

I called him to say "it'sthe same old story you've heard for several years now" and his reply was "OK".


OK what?

That's the same thing you said 2 yrs ago when we met with the lady counselor.

So it's NOT OK.  It never IS.  And it has to stop.

He's been sitting around reflecting on all the people he has affected......feeling the poor me's.

Credit:  Yesterday Tom called to say he wanted to go to the ABC store and drink till he fell asleep (pity party over what I said about Miss T's panic) BUT he said "I am fighting it and winning this time".

I said GREAT.

Today, same thing.....so instead of spending his last $6 on booze he went into Wendy's for a burger.  That's when I watched him till he drove away....and said

"gotta be sad that no one can trust you".


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Interesting about the crab hole.  
Too much Tom drama.  I hope he heads to an AA meeting.  Soon.