Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers' Day GOLD


What a crazy weekend.

First, Friday Miss T had the DARE graduation; then the DARE dance which I was informed I was helping to chaperone.

Lots of screaming kids....just yelling in each other's faces, what's up with that these days????

We left early Saturday morning to ease on down to Myrtle Beach, stopping for lunch when we got there.

Once inside, they (our staff, not the competition people) were trying to rush us accommodate solo's with group awards and vicey versey.  I said NO do not rush my kid...she already is suffering lately with anxiety attacks and I will not add to it.

She did a beautiful job.  GOLD trophy and a medal on her solo .....(wishing it was REAL gold).  GOLD on the groups Saturday and PLATINUM on the production today.

What better way to spend Mother's Day for me than watching my baby dancing beautifully.....none.

Miss T and I went out to the Olive Garden Saturday night, just us.  On Sunday we met at a burger joint for a "surprise" birthday lunch for one of her dance friends.

On the way home we stopped at the Outdoor World.  We found a "Wish Pearl" Necklace kit. 

 Wish Pearl -- A Wish Waiting To Come True 

It is an actual mollusk sealed in a container of water and a necklace.  Inside the mollusk shell is a pearl of one of 5 colors.  You open the container, make a wish and open it up.  Whatever color you have is equaled to a "good luck" saying like health, or wealth.

She bought it for me.....I haven't opened it yet, I think we'll do it together - with pictures, of course. That should be real special.

Wonder what I'll wish for??????




sugarsweet056 said...

Awwww sounds like a lovely Mothers Day!
Have a good week.

chat2missie said...

I'm glad you had a good Mother's Day!

eml625 said...

So happy you had a nice weekend. Cant wait to see the necklace all together. What a cool idea.

garnett109 said...

Any Tornadoes by you?

deshelestraci said...

Good for your girl!  Nice way to spend Mother's Day!

xxroxymamaxx said...

Way to go Miss T!!!!   That is really awesome.  I know you are sooo proud!!  And I'm glad you had a nice Mother's Day!!  Love, Shelly

springangel235 said...

What a beautiful gift...and time you all had.
Have a great week..hugs and love,

mariebm56 said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend!
Happy belated Mother's day!

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))Sounds like you had a good MOTHES DAy with your daughter.I am glad.I thik Iknow what you will wish for.

queeniemart said...

what a lovely gift....i know what you will wish for. Congrats to Miss T on her Gold!!

cuteallison1980 said...

Sounds like such a wonderful day to be spent with the little girl that helped to make this day special to you.  Hope you have a happy week.  Luv ya!


jillannemarie said...

Have you done the Wish Pearl yet?  My MIL got one for Mothers Day, it's cream even though she keeps trying to convince me it's pink, lol.  

I hope your having a good week.  

Jill Marie

cacklinrosie101 said...

Congrats to Miss T!  You have quite an accomplished dancer there.  And she bought you the pearl?  So cool!  I checked out the website.  I'm thinking I just might surprise my daughters.  It sounds like you had a great mama's day.  Love ya, Chris  BTW:  welcome to the group!!!!