Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fay Go Away!

I see by the latest Weather Underground map that my homies in the South West Florida area are gonna get a little wet.

Martha, Shelly & Robin and my FIL, BIL and gal pal and her daughter BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES and stay inside!  I think my crew from Naples and Ft Meyers just went back home after the wedding showers to hurricane showers.

The gang in the Keys are going to have a slow ride north....that's a long drive on a 2 lane road!

Gas up!  Load up on the snacks and batteries and flashlights and radios.  Ice down those coolers and pack em full of drink.  Ain't nothing like a good old fashion Hurricane Party.

My parents owned a large hardware store and I have spent many a storm sleeping there on a cot or lounge chair.  After Miss T was born I wised up and got an air mattress and brought my own gets cold sleeping that close to a concrete floor even in the summertime.

It was BYO -- piled high in the break room.  Plenty of paper products, hand sanitizer, plastic forks etc, bread, chips, deli meats, peanut butter, jelly, donuts, honey buns, cheese, carrots, crackers, pop tarts, fruit, hot dogs, you name it, we had it.

One year Tom had just made some meatballs and I brought it out and we boiled up some noodles before the power went out.  We all dined rather well....even had steak and pork on the gas grill out back in the large storeroom.

At times there were as many as 16 of us all hunkered down in the store.  We knew that early the next morning we'd be up and helping customers as they needed it or we'd be working all day through the storm with or without power to get plywood, nails and such sold to the public. 

We'd crank up the generator and power up one of the main servers to work the registers and run some fans.  The longest we were ever without power was 5 days.  It was on at my house within 3 days and that was Hurricane Fran back in 97 just 2 months before Miss T was born.

As food defrosted we'd cook it on the grill or at my Nanny's - she has a gas stove.  We always hooked up her generator to keep her freezer running - didn't want to lose those garden veggies.

The "good" thing with Hurricane's is that you have some warning.  Time to pack up important items like pictures and legal papers and gather supplies.  I'd much rather be "overly prepared"  than much sorry later.



robinngabster said...

Great...I don't know how to work the grill outside!  I guess we will be eating cold beans.  :(   Where is a man when you need him?

If my power goes out I am going to a hotel somewhere!

katerh99 said...

Hope your computer keeps going! I have a relative in Tampa, but I know there will next to no communication, considering the business he is in. Often times I have checked Tampa weather through your notes! Stay safe, and let us know how it all shakes out. You sound very wise in the ways of Hurricane Survival!

cuteallison1980 said...

I've never been through a storm like that.  We don't get those here in Cali.  I hope that it doesn't get too bad for everyone down there.  Have a happy tomorrow. : )


lsfp1960 said...

I've been hearing about this not only on the news but also from our journal friend Guido over in Wales.  He keeps up on all that stuff. My thoughts and prayers are with all those in that area of our country.  Linda in western (a no hurricane zone) Washington state

garnett109 said...

wishing you the best

madcobug said...

I have been keeping my eye on that storm. I pray that the people down there will all be safe. The are saying we might get some spin off tornadoes from it here in AL. Helen

lifes2odd said...

Ok Sharon, I'm just going to call my boss and tell him you said I have to stay inside instead of heading to work -- our schools here won't cancel until the hurricane is right on top of us! Grrrr! What a way to kick off the first day of school!

deshelestraci said...

Sounds like some good memories!  From the looks of it we will have rain out of the deal too!  It is so strange to get hurricanes when we are so landlocked!

mastersblynn said...

That was an interestiong entry....I learned a few cool things...Most important is that you know how to have a good time no matter what the  case may be. That is what I love about you most.  You are like me...we can still see that rainbow through the storm. Tell Miss T I said Hi!!!! I hope she has a super school year!!! LOVE YA Barb

chat2missie said...

I would love to live in florida, but I think the constant worries over hurricanes would make me want to move back north.  I sure hope everyone makes it thru this storm with all property intact!

queeniemart said...

i liked reading your memories of the past storms.....i watch all of this with interest....if it isn't a tornado, its a hurricane or something else awful always going on the U.S.

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))That is good to be prepared for a Huricane,thats the bet way to go,having a party.LOL.I hope everyone is safe.

eml625 said...

Man, you can tell you've been through some tough ones. We only had one that I can remember Hurricane, she knocked out the Island for quite awhile.