Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sharon needs.....


This is one of those things that from time to time you need to do just to get a laugh....or a handle on life.  GOOGLE your name with needs or wants behind it and write down the top 12 results.


Sharon needs….a new world.  (Oh to be able to wave a magic wand and make everything perfect and happy)

Sharon needs…to be told to stop shooting and start talking.  (I think they got this one backwards)

Sharon needs….our prayers. (AMEN)

Sharon needs….more time to work out peace policy.  (ROFL - goes without saying)

Sharon needs….a friend.  (Got em)

Sharon needs….to do succession planning.  (Planning????  Come on....when I plan someone else fails.)

Sharon needs….a hand.  (Please someone praise me for all my hard work!!)

Sharon needs….labor support.  (So very true...I need some part time help in my office!)

Sharon needs….5 minutes of peace. (CALGON!)

Sharon needs….to do something simple.  (A dip in the pool perhaps?)

Sharon needs….to get back together with Nick.  (ROFL - OK I'll admit, he IS a hunk, so I'm game if he is!! Young and the Restless)

Sharon needs….a swimming suit.  (Oh please, let's not even go there.....)


garnett109 said...

sharon needs: to send me the recipe for those cookies you gave me a few years ago!

deshelestraci said...

When I do this it is VERY interesting.  Traci Lords (former porn star) has a bunch of mentions shall we say!

chat2missie said...

You got some good answers!  When I did mine, none of it made sense! LOL

cuteallison1980 said...

This was cute.  I did the same but  not much came up except one funny one  . . . Allison wants to fart . . . a youtube video.  No I didn't go to check it out.  LOL  Sharon has my prayers always and everything will work out for you if you believe it will.  Hope you are feeling well and have a happy Thursday.  Luv ya!


hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)()))))))))))))))))))))Cute,you always have my prayers.

sunnybethe said...

LMAO!!  I goggled and all I got Senator Monihan speaks out about Dr Bethe.  Dr Bethe is a pastor.  So I guess I'll just be amused by yours : )  hugs,  Bethe

queeniemart said...

I like that shooting thing.....a pissed off blonde with a gun? Let me videotape.

cacklinrosie101 said... these google things.  Sharon and a'm ducking.  Love ya, Chris

elcicerone said...

Hi Sharon!

I'm Kim & I came across your blog in AOL's blog listings.  I'll have to try this "Kim Needs" google trick, sounds fun!  Anyhoo, I take it you live in NC?  So do I!  In central NC but I don't like to mention my town cause you never know who's out to get us sophisticated southern gals, right?  I give my name but how can they find a needle in a haystack?  LOL

Well, I have 2 journals at Yahoo 360

And Blingee which isn't quite a blog but check it out and you'll love the animations you can do!

Also I have an AOL profile but haven't done the AOL blog.  I'm considering instead to get rid of my Yahoo ("sux") 360 & start all over with a Bravenet blog -- they're great!

Feel free to add me (ELCICERONE) to your buddy list!  And feel free to comment on my AOL profile at

Hope to network with you as friends!

Abundant Blessings!
Kim  :D