Wednesday, October 1, 2008

from Magic Smoke

Please refer to Magic Smoke ...... they trying to help.

Here's a copy from them:

In case you haven't been reading my comments..

Some of my responses to users comments

To Paul, yes a copy of your journal will be made on Blogger. Your journal will still be available till Nov 1st. Also, the migration will be opened up to Journals users starting on or after Oct. 7th. We will be using this week to iron out any kinks in the process.

To Sherri - I would not worry about the migration too much. It should be fairly straightforward. Blogger will also have a helpdesk that you can send email to, if you have any issues and a live real person will respond and help out. So, all efforts have been made to minimize the pain.

To Yasmin (cayasm) and everybody else - Your journals will be copied over in its ENTIRETY (entries, comments, about me). So, anything else you hear is not true.

And no, your email account is not affected by this at all as some have been suggesting.

I understand that people are upset and that is okay. However, I request you to be patient and understanding as we work thru this process.


Trying out Blogger

I know a lot of you are trying out Blogger by creating blogs. So, when you create a test blog over there, call it something other than the name you want to use for your journal.

The reason I say that is because during the migration (read:copy) process, it will ask you for a blog name on Blogger into which to copy your journal. At which point you might not get the name that you wanted, because you have used it up on the test blog.

Of course, like everything in life there is a way around this, but I do not want to complicate your life any more than it is now. If you are savvy with Blogger then feel free to go and grab a name of your choice. I will show you a way to use that name to migrate your journal later.

The best thing you can do ahead of the actual migration is to create a gmail or blogger account.

p.s I created a blog on Blogger called as a placeholder for magic smoke(sadly i could not get

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