Friday, March 9, 2007

Dance, Dance, Dance!


Well gang, we're off to another dance competition....Miss T dances at 5pm today so it's gonna be a hurry up kinda afternoon.

I'll get off work at noon, run home and toss the bags in the family truckster, check into the hotel at 3pm (south of Myrtle Beach about a 2 hr drive from home), get kid's hair and makeup ready and head over to the competition.

We can't get IN until 4:30pm and her first dance (Lyrical) is at 5pm!!  So we'll have to be ready to jump into costume and stretch, practice and GO!  Whew, then that's it.  Dinner somewhere (Olive Garden hopefully) and then.........

............I have a water gun fight scheduled with a 5 year old in the pool after that!  Wish me luck.  He's the little brother of a dancer I've know for several years.  (I think he loves me really)  I told him I wanted to marry him....but I'm afraid he doesn't feel the same way.

He started this war last year at a competition, from somewhere behind me, while I was sitting by the pool ........SQUIRT!!!!  The war was on!

Did I tell you that Miss T's solo/lyrical teacher got canned?  Seems she's too "abrupt" with some of the kids.  She did wonders with Tara...making her focus and calming her down.  This solo was the best thing for her as far as getting her to improve her techniques.  LOVE IT!  YAY ME for encouraging her to do it.........she actually told me "thank you" last night.  I said "for what?" and she said "for encouraging me all the time"....(Mom about fainting here)........

My KID!  Gotta love her!  browneyedgirl.gif

Yes, unfortunately, we're sharing a room with another mom and daughter this trip.  Fortunate for her.  I felt the "need" to help a single mom....remember the last trip?  I got so upset with the kids on stage....  And this kid was one of them.  Cross your fingers for me.  I'm sure it will be alright this time.  We were all a bit stressed last time.

I finished mending the Lyrical costumes....I cannot believe the way the front straps were attached (or should I say WERE NOT) on these outfits.  They were barely hanging on and I even tacked them down while some of the kids were wearing them last time.  Then when a couple of girls took them off the fronts snapped loose.  Do we all remember Wardrobe Malfunction?????

So I've tacked them ALL down.  Plus I was able to adjust Miss T's solo top (she changed outfits) and mend Tom's "Dad" shirt where Mr Man ripped under the arm.....he wanted to "stretch" the shirt because it had "shrank"......yeah right.

I have become a self appointed costume checker outter and loader upper.  They are all checked and loaded into the trailer ready for transport.  I'm grateful that we don't have to haul them too...wouldn't want that responsibility.

Well, I'm off to the dreaded "file pile"'s the least I can do today LOL!!!!!!!

DON'T FORGET TO SPRING FORWARD THIS WEEKEND!!  I Soooooooooooo love this time change!!!  I'm looking forward to longer daylight myself.



garnett109 said...

Good luck on the competition!
What's with the codes?

mtrib2 said...

That is too bad Tara's teacher got canned for being too abrupt.    She seems to have been a good teacher.     Best wishes on the competition.    I will write you more on what I have been doing.    Yes, the cold weather has had a negative effect on my back with February into March being the coldest part of the entire winter.    I will email you soon.     mark

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))))Just stoped by to say I hope you have a nice weeked.I hope you squirt this boy big is cute,He started a war with hope everything turned out well.
I am sorry about the teacher getting canned.

chat2missie said...

Good Luck with the water gun battle.  Let us know who won.  LOL

emabecmar said...

Good luck tonight. Oh no water fight with a 5yr old that might be tough, good luck lol. you are one busy lady for sure. have a great weekend. ((((hugs))))))))

dcmeyer420 said...

Goodluck, Ms. T!!!  Busy Mommy, you are. I remember them days. Well, I hope you win that water gun fight. Hugs.

eml625 said...

Good Luck Sharon...she's be great!!!


randlprysock said...

Best wishes to Miss T for the dance competition!!!  You are a wonderful mom and I can just see you going around fixing everyone's costumes and making sure things are going smoothly.  Have a great weekend and I hope you get that dinner at Olive Garden.  Hugs,
Lisa : )

queenb8261 said...

Have a wonderful weekend.

bobbysgirl8584 said...

Good Luck to Miss T at the dance competition. Enjoy and have fun!!

mrsm711 said...

You souun very organized.  Good luck to Miss T.  have a fun time.  That's what it's all about.  :)     Tracy

imgr8phil said...

How did the competition go?  Hope you had a nice weekend.  Take care.