Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Gold Medals and Stunts

Yay for Miss T - a Gold Medal in her Jazz Solo.  Wow, she ruled the stage...this has been so good for her confidence and I'm so glad I forced this (lol).

Her Jazz group got a Platinum and the Lyrical got High Gold. 

I was soooooo glad to get out of there on Sunday!  Kept hearing Elvis singing "In the Ghetto"....not because of the neighborhood, but the EVENT was lame....cheesy trophies, small stage, ugh.

I should have known that it was going to be a rough weekend.  From the time I got to the hotel until Saturday night it was a mess. 

To begin with, checking in at 3pm - we got the wrong room;  called them (4 times before I got a real person); switched rooms...this took till 4pm to get in and get settled, which only gave us 30 mins to get the girls hair and makeup done and arrive at the school.  We were late....oh were the event managers.  About an hour late to be exact. 

After dancing and dinner, we went back to the hotel.  Miss T had a shower; Tom fixed his cooler full of vodka and cranberry and headed off to the pool.  We joined him later, not to swim though.  Me and the girls sat and drank and laughed at our husbands and kids......Tom was happy in the hot tub.

Once back in the room, Tom and my friend fix another drink. 

He notices the 4" lip at the bottom of the sliding doors (leading to the balcony) and says "you gotta watch out for that, drunk OR sober".............I had already stumped my toe on it earlier.

...........I'll give you 2 guesses..........


YEP!  Mr Man tripped over that metal lip (designed to keep the wind/rain from blowing in the room).  Landed head first INTO and THROUGH the rails...just his head.  OMG!  He is so lucky that the railing was bolted tight.

So one of the kids is yelling at me (I'm drying hair) "Tom needs help"....I'm saying "yeah right!".....after a bit I look and sure enough he is on his knees on the balcony.  His glasses sailed off his face and landed 5 stories below on the sidewalk - only a lense popped out which was easily fixed.

Oh for crying out loud!  His head had gotten stuck betweent he rails, my friend was on the balcony helping him pry the rails aparat, he's bleeding from a split in his left ear.....knuckles busted, 2 fingers jammed and bruising/swelling, knee and arm raspberries......geeesh, only my husband.

I'm gonna buy him a T-shirt that says


...............and list the events on the back by date and city just like the bands do when they go on tour!  Never a dull moment.

I called down to the desk and they sent someone up.  I told her to come back with first aid supplies and something for me to clean up the blood with.  The security guard and I went downstairs to retrieve the glasses.  The MOD wrote up a report, offered to call an ambulance (Tom refused) and told me to pick up a copy of the report later.

On Saturday you can imagine I'm having fun with this one!  Telling everyone Tom was singing "I believe I can fly".....NOT!  Plus the dance event was running behind, then ahead of schedule, then behind again and awards were not until 11pm.  How ridiculous.

Guess who was reeeeeeeeeeeeal sore on Sunday/Monday?

Goof ball!


chat2missie said...

Congrats to Miss T.  I'm laughing as your describing Tom being stuck. LOL.  If you find one of those tshirts, let me know.  I could use one for my husband.

garnett109 said...

Congrats to Tom on his keen way of showing you this is what can happen when you are drinking!
Debbie thanks me all the time for being an example to all the kids!
yes a bad example! lol! thanks for helping me today!

acoward15 said...

Did you think to take a picture?

mrsm711 said...

Awwww, poor Mr Man.  Sure glad nothing major happened to him.  Congrats to miss T on her Gold Medal.  :)      Tracy

eml625 said...

(secretly laughing ) POOR Mr. Man!!!!  Hope he's not to bruised up.
SO Proud of Miss T on that Gold !!! Woo hooo

quiltsnroses said...

OMG!  Glad Tom is o.k, and it is a little comical, knowing everything turned out o.k., but  it could have turned out really really bad.  Glad it was not all for naught and that Miss T won some awards!  

queeniemart said...

did you get Tom on video or pics? That would be funny later on though not funny at the time! So glad T got a gold! Good for her!

randlprysock said...

Oh wow, man oh man, geez Louise!!  Tom, ya gotta be more careful dude!  LOL.  Sharon you are crackin' me up.  Way to go Miss T!  Hugs,
Lisa : )

emabecmar said...

you need to get up on stage for comedy hour, i laughed so hard. i know i shouldn't of but the way you told the story about tom just cracked me up. Way to go on Miss T winning the gold, awesome job. Hope Tom is ok. (((((hugs)))))))

bobbysgirl8584 said...

sounds like you had quite an interesting weekend!!! Good job to Miss T on her gold medal!!!

deshelestraci said...

Real glad Tom didn't fly for real!  And way to go Miss T for her hard work!  Sounds like a way interesting time!

penniepooh said...

Good going to Miss T!
And I`m sorry ... I was laughing the entire time I was reading about your poor hubby falling and getting stuck. :/
heh heh