Sunday, April 27, 2008

Part 2 Day 2

On day 2 of my quest:

Called bailbondsmen to inquire about bailing Tom out - something I told him I'd never do again.

On a $1,000 bond they want the obligatory 15% ($150) - no sweat.  Unitl they learn where we live and then they're nervous about him showing up for the court date so the price goes up to $500.

This amount was from all that I called.  Finally one fellow was hem hawwing around about it and I said "Look, are you going to accept $150 or do you want $500 because I have no problem leaving him here until May 2nd."

I'm sure that shocked the fellow.  I further said "I've done my duty by getting him his medication and finding my car so I have no reason to stay."

He said "I'd have to have the $500" and with that I said thank you and headed home without remorse.

EXCEPT for all the money I'D had to spend already.  The car was empty - $50 fill up; tow $260; food; fill ups in the truck when it got to the 1/2 mark $100 not counting that I started out with a full tank in BOTH vehicles (hmmm that would be ....80+40 = 120); 2 hotel rooms for one night - Tom didn't sleep in the one ($66) we did ($95).  AND add the charges to my cell phone if any.

About 45 miles from home Tom called me asking what I was doing to attempt his release and I explained it to him....nothing.  I'll call an attorney on Thursday morning.  It was too late now on Wednesday afternoon and I didn't want to talk to a lawyer while driving.

Then his Dad called me (Tom had called there to let him know he was in jail).  I had to explain.  Dad wondered why I didn't just drop the $500 to bail him out.


Then he says (get this) "I guess it's safe to say that Tom won't be going on the cruise" and I agreed with him there.  He probably won't be allowed out of the state much less the country.

Are you wondering where Miss T was during all this????  With my Mom.  Thank GOD for my family.  I shuffled her off to Grammy's for Tuesday night and Mom got her from school Tues, to school on Wednesday.  Nanny picked her up Wednesday. 

Thursday I made it to work about 8:30am after running to the post office first.  Tom called (collect of course) complaining that they were not giving him his meds right; they were making him, an arthritic overweight man, sleep on the floor and said he was trying to behave cause it wasn't their fault he was in there.

First good thing he'd said yet.  He called back at noon to see if I'd received his motor vehicle report from the insurance company yet.

They were charging him with "Habitual Driving Under The Influence - Felony" and he said "that can't be right because I've only been convicted of one DUI - back in 2003".

I didn't hear from him again until 5pm.  He called to say they were letting him out --- had a bond hearing and convinced the Clerk he was not a flight risk so she bonded him out unsecured.


Leave work at 6pm; go home get Miss T and Roomie; drop T off with Grammy and head out.  Roomie drove for about an hour and I sat with my eyes shut just to rest them....I knew I'd be driving before long and the whole leg back.  Stopped for coffee and energy drink and Chic-fil-a with fruit!!

Told Tom to cash the check the jail gave him (the cash he had on him when he got there) and go to the Days Inn to shower and rest till we got there and get something to eat in the meantime.....we arrived at 11:15pm. be continued.


garnett109 said...

sorry to hear all this

magran42 said...

Can not wait....hope the rest is better on you.

cacklinrosie101 said...

Ya know, Sharon, somehow I think things would have been better if he stayed in jail until the hearing.  It may have had more of an effect on him.  You really need some peace.  Love ya, Chris

mariebm56 said... poor thing.  Brings back memories......except my ex was never arrested!
Did drink a lot,  Drive a lot UI....& was a TOM!

madcobug said...

I agree with Chris on him staying until May. It might have helped a tad. Helen

queeniemart said...

it is a real tragedy also that he was let out of jail.
I love you

chat2missie said...

I don't know how you do it......

rgossett4195 said...

You were right to leave him in jail...too bad they let him out!  for all your suffering and cost he should feel some pain too!  rose