Sunday, April 27, 2008

Part 3 Day 3 (technically)

On the way home, into Friday morning now, we are grilling Tom. 

"Why did you drive so far?"  I was sightseeing.

"In the dark?!"  Yeah.

"Why didn't you just go to the atm and back to the room?"  I dunno, I was just pumped up.

"Who sight see's in the dark in the middle of the night?"

"How do you get stuck making a U-turn in a Nissan Altima on a 2 lane road?"  I was raining and muddy.

Later we found out that the back tires were on the line.

HUH????  That's not a u-turn.  That's an ooops!  No wonder someone dialed 9-1-1 and a wrecker came and the 2 police officers.

All the way home we beat up on him terribly about how stupid this was and what he could be facing.

We arrived home at 2:45am.

Added Post Post:

I just asked Tom about the tires on the line...he said the back tires were in the road, the nose was about 18-24 inches over the outside line.  Reminded him that's not what he said. 

He's hating life right now, trust me!!  :)


imgr8phil said...

You do not need this in your life anymore.  He is just bringing you down.  I know it is hard on you and I support you and whatever decision you make.  Take care.


onecrabn3lilfish said...

Its one thing to be drunk all the time but its another to put everyone else's live ar risk and drive while drunk.  I feel soooooo bad for you though. :-(  You're trying to do the right thing and he's trying to kill himself and everyone else on the road.  AGGGGHHHHHH.  The judge isn't going to do anything though.  They will fine him, give him points and move along.


garnett109 said...

Tom your disapointing me buddy, i was rutting for ya buddy, straighten up orI'll have to trade ya!

lifes2odd said...

What are you going to do Sharon? You can't keep living like this! I feel terrible for you. Hugs, Martha

jillannemarie said...

Oh hun, I'm so sorry to read about all this b.s. you have to deal with.  I'd give ya some big speech about how you deserve so much more...but I'd feel like a huge hypocrit as I am once again putting up with more of the usual b.s. here.

You will reach your limit eventually and you will do what is right for you and Miss T when the time is right for you.  I just hope that time comes soon.  Before you and/or that little girl get hurt (more than you're hurting now).

Take care and lots of ((((hugs))))

cuteallison1980 said...

I wish there was something wonderful I could say or some fantastic tidbit of advice to offer, but I can offer my love and support and hope your life will be a lot better in the future.  Luv ya!


sunnybethe said...

OMG, I would make that man eat mud for the rest of his life.  AND how much time did you lose from work?  I think you need a cruise to recoup from all this stress.

hugs,  Bethe

queeniemart said...

I fear that it will take a tragedy in Tom's world for him to take responsibility for his actions and alcoholism. I just pray you and Miss T are always safe.
love you

eml625 said...

Oh man, I really didn't want to read this !! I am so sorry your going through it all. I am here if you need to talk. Stay strong for you little girl.

deshelestraci said...

I have no words.  Just a hug for you and a smack upside the head for Tom.  You deserve not to have to make major road trips.

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))))He really doesnt know what He is doing.I am so sorry this is happening and you dont need it.

chat2missie said...

Will he ever learn???
Sending you hugs.

momiscool2 said...

I'm so sorry you are going through this!