Monday, May 14, 2007


Woooo Hooooo!  Hope all enjoyed MOTHER'S DAY.  My kid won GOLD for her SOLO performance on Sunday - happy day!!!

Her Jazz group and Lyrical group also won GOLD.   So all in all it was a golden weekend.

There were tough issues with some of da mom's this weekend.  One in particular that got all bent outta shape over mamma in search of kid's cell's that forgot or couldn't find hair accessories etc...someone yelling "hand me a Tide-2-Go" pen.

So me and about 5 other Mom's sat poolside Saturday night, drinks in hand, hashing out the details.

Mr Man was a bit ill acting on Fri/Sat.....wouldn't interract with anyone.  We went to Olive Garden to put in for our table of 15 and he was pouty.  I went inside to get out of the heat and perched myself up on the barstool (just to talk to bartender) and Tom turned on his heels and pushed the door open to go back outside ----- Miss T said "what's wrong with him?" and I sent her to get him. 

I guess he was mad because the THOUGHT I was going to order a glass of wine and HE could NOT drink.  (I had said NO to stopping for liquid fun before we left)  All I needed was him sailing through another hotel balcony like last time!

So to keep him from being so anti social at dinner with my friends, I ordered him a martini.....he felt better, of course.

Don't you just hate to be somewhere with someone who will not interact with others or even engage in conversation with you?    I'd be better off taking a hand puppet with me.

I had another Mom mention that I had not been myself lately.  That's several now that have noticed.


Mr Man went to the Doc to go over his blood work.  He would not let me go with him......even after we had discussed it.


He's afraid I'll say something...........whaaaaaaaa!

So they wanna watch his blood sugar levels (taking Actos again) and are concerned about his liver levels (HepC) and the ANA screen was high...the doc questioned LUPUS which Tom's baby brother has. 

But his Cholesterol is 122........they aren't so worried about the heart attack scare.  They will still schedule him for a cardiologist and a stress test.

Geeeesh......what about MY STRESS!?!?!?!?!?!

SUNDROP IS...................


madcobug said...

Congrats to Miss T and also her team. Hope hubby gets to feeling better soon and hope your stress level drops. Those are great pictures. Helen

deshelestraci said...

Good for Ms. T!!!!  Sorry about Mr. Man.  Happy Mother's day!

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))))I am sorry youf going through some hard times.I pray it ges better.

katerh99 said...

In the interest of saving what is left of your sanity, have you considered going to Al Anon?

bobbysgirl8584 said...

CONGRATS to Miss T on her gold...that is so awesome!! I am so sorry that Mr Man had to act like that: men...they can be a handful sometimes. worse than the kids!!
Have a good week...

emabecmar said...

Congrats to your daughter on a job well done and trophy wel earned also. I have a saying I tell those who have pouty attitudes or are just plain grumpy, and it goes like this, Slap your ass and get over it!! LOL. When I say it, people change real quick, lol. ((((((((hugs))))))

quiltsnroses said...

Wow!  You are one proud Mom, and gold is always a nice Mother's Day gift!  Yahoo!

eml625 said...

Congrats on Ms. T and her GOLD . My niece dances so I know how much work goes into this. Way to go!!

dondieroy said...

congrat's to Miss. T !   She is a pretty young lady..  I know you are proud of her.  Hope you are having a great day,

newsworthy822 said...

congrats to tara!! that's so cool.  love the pics!!

queeniemart said...

man,i want to smack him. Truly. You do not deserve this bs!
I am so so so happy for Miss T! Congratulations!!!

fasttrack58 said...

Woo hoo for the gold!! Congratulations!
Linda :)

cacklinrosie101 said...

WTG to Miss T!  She's a beauty and can dance.  I'm sure you must be feeling a lot of stress with Tom.  Too bad you can't get the actual version from the doc.  Hope the tests come out all right.  HUGS  Chris

gehi6 said...

Nice seeing a photo of the little dancer in one of her dancing outfits  I remember the years of taking my son Raymond to gymnastics, but Ronda just wanted to dance like grown-ups, so she found West Coast Swing and that's her club ever since.  Hope you can put on a video of her dancing.  Gerry