Wednesday, May 9, 2007


I drank the last of my cold Sundrop yesterday......this morning I found one single Sundrop with a note "thought you might enjoy this.  love ya, Tom"..........

He had bought it from the machine on his way back from taking Tara to school.


About 1am Mr Man woke me up and said HUG ME, just hug me, so I did.  When I asked what's up, he just said hug me.  Haven't got a clue.


I gave him a stern talking on Tuesday........about things in general; attitude with me and Miss T etc.  All in all he is beginning to lighten up.

Maybe the meds are kicking in........?????

Maybe freezing him was the best idea ROFLMAO!!!!

There is an AA meeting at my coworkers church tonight, maybe she'll convince him to go.


chat2missie said...

Nicci was a little mean and short tempered when she first started on the prozac.  It seems to be settling now.  Good Luck with Tom.  

madcobug said...

Getting you the sundrop was a nice thing for him to do. I am glad things are getting a little better for all of you. Those meds may be taking effect plus your talk with him. Hoping that he will go to the AA meeting tonight. Helen

mpnaz58 said... sweet!!  Maybe its the meds, the talks you guys have been having, etc.    Touch is a powerful emotion.  "Hug me" is a cry that he needs to be touched.  Hang in there!!  
xoxo ~Myra

eml625 said...

He seems to be trying, and your right maybe the meds are starting to work.
Hope he goes to the meeting.

deshelestraci said...

The AA meeting would be a great thing for him!  That was sweet of him to think of you and your Sundrop love!

emabecmar said...

I hope the meds are kicking in finally. What is Sundrop? I never heard of it before. An AA meeting would be good for him to start doing. (((((hugs))))))))

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYO))))))))))))))))))))))))))I am glad and hope He contiunes to stat feeling better and AA would be good.My Mom went to meetings,She didnt drink,my Dad did.It helped Her.Have a ncie dya.

garnett109 said...

Glad to hear the meds are working!

onehenn3chicks said...

Well its definitely something!  He was thinking of you!  


ab45yui said...

I wish I could get my husband to ask me to hug him, lol.  Sounds like he is trying!  

queeniemart said...

I have my fingers crossed for you......truly. I hope he is getting better. LOVE YOU!

cacklinrosie101 said...

Ya know, Sharon, it takes Prozac three weeks to a month to kick in so maybe it is finally.  I hope and pray that this is the turnaround for Tom.  You and Miss T could certainly use a break.  So could Tom because I'm sure he is miserable.  Misbehaving is usally a sign that someone isn't happy.  Praying that better days are on the way for your family.  HUGS Chris

ksgal3133 said...

Keeping my fingers crossed and sending you prayers!