Saturday, May 26, 2007

Pirates, Pool & Just filling in.....

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all!


  Ours has started out great.  Friday afternoon I met TnT at the theater to see the NEW Pirates of the Caribbean-At World's End movie.  It was great.....interesting plot this time, I won't spoil it for you.  After the movie we shopped for our "Pool Party" supplies. 

My bestestfriendinthewholewideworld called to see what time the pool opened and I said come on over anytime after 10am.  Then my SIL called and I said the same to her.

  The plans were for Burgers n Dogs for lunch.  SIL showed up with my nephew and before long they were in the was a chilly 72 was cool Friday night.

Cindilou called to say she wasn't going to make it after all....she had to keep her granddaughter while the mom went to the doctor.  Oh well I said "Come on over on Sunday - same pool, same plan diff day".

So we spent the afternoon on the deck, grilled some burgs n dogs.  My brother came over for the food Mom & stepDad came over for the eats too.  The water warmed up to about should keep climbing tomorrow as we plung on up to the high 80's.  I held my breath and jumped on in just to get it over with....then decided with my head cold like it is....not good to be in such chilly waters.

If I weren't having such a bad allergy attack I would have enjoyed it too.  Wednesday and Thursday I've woke up with a slight sore throat and by Friday my throat was inflamed.  Now I'm coughing and sniffling.

Have I ever mentioned that I am allergic to CHOCOLATE?  Not deathly allergic THANK GOD! but the allergic kind of sniffles etc.  Well.....

Hershey has made Truffles......yes, Truffles, in the nugget variety as well as the Kisses.  I have fallen in LOVE with the nuggets.  (Forget diet!)

So, it dawned on me today why I'm suffering so bad.....when you're allergic to chocolate and you consume a bag full of it YOU'R GONNA PAY!

But I soooooooooo love chocolate.  A day is not complete without it.  Or cheese too for that matter....................another one of my allergies.

Guess what the other one is..............

...................tomatoes.  And what do I love?  Italian foods.  Marinara sauce, pizza and I love a fresh tomato (salads, cut up with or without vinegar).

I figured that when you have allergies and they give you allergy shots, what they are giving you is actually the compound to which you are, why not forego the shots and just eat the products???

Doesn't quite work the same.  But that's just too bad.  I'm not gonna give up some of my favorites.  Bring me CHEESE, TOMATOES AND CHOCOLATE!!!! 

Here I am today, stuffing my face with Sudafed (the real stuff), Gueiffenisen, Tylenol, more Sudafed, rubbing with Vicks.....hacking.  Feeling like cah-cah.

Tara's EOG tests are over with finally.  They stress these kids out so much over these tests.  I hear that SC is trying to get their EOG tests down to a minimum because of the pressure the kids are under, they can't get an accurate tally of what the child really knows.  I know Tara freaked out saying how much she was "afraid" of not passing them.  But I assured her she is an A-B student and not to worry.

Now we're in to the final weeks of homework, the school play next week. (Did I mention Tara has a major part in it?)  They have a field trip on Tuesday to the bowling alley.  They finally get their break June 7th.............SUMMER HERE WE COME!!!

She'll be a big time 5th grader next year...........where has the time gone?


jckfrstross said...

enjoy your weekend:)


queeniemart said...

you make me hungry talking about all that food. Those burgers sound good. Enjoy that pool ,chill out and have fun.

robinngabster said...

We are gonna see the pirate movie this weekend...hoping the crowds will be minimal by then.  I would die if I were allergic to chocolate...I'd have to invent chocolate covered benadryl!

fasttrack58 said...

Sounds like the perfect memorial weekend at your house! and can't wait to see Pirates!
Continue to have a great memorial weekend!
Linda :)

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))))))))Sounds like fun,I want to go swiming soooooooooooooooo bad.Have fun for me.I am sure Tara will do just fine.Have a nice weekend.

eml625 said...

The pool and eats sound great...wish I was there to hang out too.
I never heard of someone being allergic to chocolate , you poor thing!!!!
Enjoy the play

bobbysgirl8584 said...

I am hoping to get to Pirates this weekend; both my daughters have already seen it and they both said it was great. Enjoy  your weekend!!

deshelestraci said...

Glad to get caught up with your life.  Have a great time with the pool party!  Wish I was there!

chat2missie said...

A pool party sounds like so much fun!!

newsworthy822 said...

pool sounds heavenly! Wish it would warm up here. It was only 50 yesterday.. today we may break 70.  The lake is keeping things cool still.

Being allergic to chocolate?? yikes!! LOL Glad it's not too extreme. I could not live without chocolate!!  Glad Tara finished her tests. Hailey is getting anxious for school to get out. I cannot believe she will be in 7th grade this fall. I am getting old!!
Have a great weekend!

hadonfield78 said...

Sounds like you are having a great time.....
That is excellent.

am4039 said...

omg chocolate, I would go crazy if I was allergic to that. I sure hope your feeling better. Sounds like everyone is having a great time in the pool. I'll be right over.

imgr8phil said...

Allergic to chocolate and tomatoes huh?  It is hard to argue with your illogical logic about the allergy shots!  LOL  Have a nice Memorial Day.  Take care.


bookncoffee said...

Hope you are having a good Memorial Day weekend.  I have got to see Pirates (the 2nd one) before seeing this one.  It's on my next Netflix Movie.  We have new movie theaters here and I can't wait to check it out.  I think we'll try to get to the Pirates once the lines settle some.
Pool party sounds fun.

cacklinrosie101 said...

5th grade already...eek...where does time go?  Megan saw the latest POTC last night and loved it.  She didn't care for the 2nd one but also loved the first.  I'm jealous.  I haven't got my pool open yet but really in Pa. it really is early still...yuck.  Hope you have a great Memorial Day and stay away from chocolate and tomatoes.  HUGS  Chris

gotomaria said...

Hey there!  great entry...we saw the Pirates - At World's End last night too.  It was pretty awesome with all the specila effects...I still like the very 1st one the was the most romantic and I'm a bit of a sap for that romance stuff.  I love all the foods you mentioned...chocolate, cheese and tomatoes..I feel for you with your allergies..although I may not be allergic I think that if I eat too much bad things happen to me too...I have a low tolerance for the chocolate bean, the acid in the tomatoes...but not for least not yet.   Hope all is well and Happy Memorial day to you too!  PS:  The pool sounds wonderful..Maria  

emabecmar said...

omg, allergic to chocolate, cheese and tomatoes? I'm with you, eat it anyway, lol. Congrats on Tara getting a major part in the play. Hope you have a nice day. (((((((hugs))))))))))

gehi6 said...

Sounds like you had a pretty fun holiday despite allergy attacks.  I have had a dreadful allergy attack due to eating too much concentrated chocolate like a chunky bar.  I did that twice. But I am so fond of chocolate, too.  With my vegan diet I have gone to soy cheese and that is not as addictive to me as dairy cheese. Interesting to find out what other people's trouble foods are.  Gerry