Saturday, May 19, 2007

Shrek 3, Dresses, Bye Katie

Ahhhhh true love........

Tara could hardly wait to see Shrek the Third.  So I ordered tickets online for me, my Mom and Nanny and Tara and Tom.  I was afraid the movie would be sold out before I could get the tickets at the theatre.....they were last year for Pirates 2.  Tom couldn't go because he had to get Katie's rabies shot.  I was able to get a refund on my purchase YAY!!!

My LORD the prices of goodies in there....a small fountain drink $3.75....20oz bottle of water $3.00/4.00......... popcorn fuggetabowdit!!!

I must say the film was decent....kinda weak, not enough Donkey or Shrek/Fiona for me.  Tooo much Charming.  And I STILL don't know what they named the kids.   Grrrrrr.

After the show, we headed to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.  I had the smothered chicken, mom and Tara shared a filet and Nanny got the fried catfish.  Then I headed home.  Not much else to do.  Imagine that, on a Friday night!

When I got home I noticed a lot of blooms in the rose garden.  This was an awesome discovery......the perfect trio of flowers.


Today, Saturday, is the day that our beloved cat of 5 years goes bye bye.........we were able to take her back to the adoption agency we got her from.  For that I was thankful.  They will NOT kill her and they WILL find her a good home.  Yes, I'll miss her but I'll get over it!!

She was a loving cat, we just didn't have the time to love her back as we should.  I was tired of always yelling "cat needs water, food etc" and hearing sighs from the peanut gallery.

Tom had the duty of getting her there.....she did NOT want to go in the pet carrier.  I'll bet she is scared beingat the Petsmart.  Maybe I'll go by and visit her tomorrow or Monday.

This morning Miss T and I spent 2.5 hrs trying on dresses for the upcoming wedding.  Finally it was narrowed down.  I sooooo wanted Cindilou to get a different dress and she found one.  So guess what.....she told them to take back the big old formal gown and she decided on a lovely flowing cocktail dress that will be perfect for the beach wedding she is planning.  Whew!  It took 50 lbs off of her and she looked divine..........there's just one thing,,,,,,,,,,,,,we need to do some serious alterations.  It would not zip.  Cross your fingers that she'll continue to lose some weight.

Isn't this a beautiful graphic....from D's Designs.  I shall just picture myself strolling along this waterfront, not a care in the world.  Then I think I'll go out and take a look at that moon.  It is s'posed to be a special one tonight.


fasttrack58 said...

We'll be seeing Shrek soon...
But not buying snacks, it's cheaper to go out for a whole dinner afterward...
The roses are beautiful!
I understand about the cat, that is how we lost our dog last summer, six year of me asking if the dog had food water or been for a walk was enough, I miss him sometimes, but I am so stress free...
a beach wedding, how romantic...
Have a good sunday!
Linda :)

mpnaz58 said...

I just wait til movies come out in DVD...can't justify paying those kind of prices for a movie at a theatre.  I usually fall asleep anway, or I'm a screamer...if something pops up on screen, I yell!  'Course I haven't seen any of the newer movies.  We're at "Casino Royale" right now.  I know that sooo...2 years ago!!  I had a cat I returned too, for much the same reasons.  If you're going to have a pet, you have to pay attention to it.   Have a great weekend!!
xoxo ~Myra

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))))))Actullay I never even seen Shrek 1,but heard the Shrek movies are cute.Have a nice weekk ahead.

eml625 said...

You know I agreea with Shrek.Something was just
Prices are insane.
Those roses are gorgeous, wow.
Take Care my friend

queeniemart said...

Regis was in this Shrek. I probably wont see it for a year. Glad you all got out and had a good time. Dont sweat it about the cat.

bobbysgirl8584 said...

I love the Shrek movies; I think I am going to see it next weekend.
The roses are beautiful!! Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

chat2missie said...

Nicci saw Shrek last night and loved it.  Have a good Monday.

deshelestraci said...

Sounds like a nice evening Friday.  Sorry about your cat.  It does sound like it is for the best though.

chevyz71gurl74 said...

I'm going to buy Shrek the Third when it comes on DVD...we have the other two... I have a silly question...we are redoing our landscaping...your roses are gorgeous...are they full sun....part sun/shade..or what..?   Our front yard is mostly gets some morning sun and late afternoon sun but not a whole lot...and it's so hard to find things that are for mostly shade...UGH!....  Hostas do great in the shade...we want everything they come back every year too..... decisions

emabecmar said...

it is crazy what movie theaters are getting now for drinks and snacks. along with the price of a ticket too. the roses are just beautiful. i love yellow roses. i love the graphic you used of the beach setting. it is so peaceful looking. I am way behind in alerts and trying to catch up tonight. (((((((hugs)))))))

randlprysock said...

Awesome roses Sharon!!  We have some on the side of our new house from previous owner and I can't wait to see what color they will bloom into.  I think they are going to be a red or pink.  The dress shopping for the wedding sounds like fun!!  Hope that zipper zips when the time comes for CyndiLou.  Okay, who is CyndiLou?? Hugs,
Lisa : )