Monday, May 7, 2007

What tha???????

I have one ill tempered husband.   Is it the Prozac?  He's yelling at Miss T, acting like a 10 year old himself.  Went to sit beside her in the booth at the pizza joint and said "I won't touch you" in his best snotty attitude....................


Can I survive another week until this stuff gets in his system?  Or is this the drug having an adverse reaction?  My lil bro said the stuff made him paranoid.  Does me just fine!!

He has a Doc's appt on Monday to go over the blood work and I plan to attend too.  I'm gonna make it known that we've had one hell of a time!

My house guest says he's acting particullary keep an eye on him and the meds....maybe it's the Prozac.

I did remind him that he's not followed through on ALL the promises.  Only the one about going to the Doc and getting meds.  He needs a counselor or therapist or swift kick in the arse.......or all the above.

He's broke..........oh well.......he knew he would be after bills were paid and the negative $697 was paid outta his pension money.  Not my problem.

And Miss T has dance competition this coming up weekend......

And it's Mother's Day.........he's broke.  He's probably feeling very low about that.  (His mother is deceased)

He hates to ask me for money.  I hate for him to ask me for money.


I went into Costco on Sunday.  What a neat store we have here...much better than Sam's Club.  Lot's of choices, great food section and the prices are better.

I need to have some fun.....................

.............any one got any fun left over for me???


mumma4evr said...

I am all out of fun...sorry!

chat2missie said...

While my brother was on Prozac he tried to commit suicide.  It made him mean and ugly too.  Nicci is on Prozac but she seems to fine and it seems to be working well for her.  I guess you never know.

madcobug said...

No fun to be had around here. Hope your hubby soon gets to acting better. Helen

mpnaz58 said...

Hang in there, Sharon!!  Meds do take some time to kick in...hopefully, he is taking them as he should.  I agree, he needs counseling, to get to the root of the problem.  Doesn't he realize that he will be so much happier??  Honestly, I think some people like living like that.  I know my brother does...I can so empathize with you!!
xoxo ~Myra

garnett109 said...

they tell me that some of the depression pills do make you parinoid and suicidal keep your eye on him!
wednesday night darts are on come on up!

rayne1123 said...

i hope when the meds finally are in his system that he will be better than he is now.

ab45yui said...

I wonder if you should contact his doctor and let him know how he is acting?  I am sorry you are going thru this!  Not fun!

eml625 said...

We could all use  a j-land field trip!!!
Stay strong , things will work out.

queeniemart said...

oh babe, i wish this was not going on but i do understand. You take care of you and T and maybe he'll get it together and not drive you insane! I have never been to a CostCo.

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))))I am sorry your going through all of this.I hope and pray He gets better soon.Have a good night and you do need somee fun time.

deshelestraci said...

You can have some of our fun.  Bless you.  You could call his doc and request to see him sooner perhaps.  Praying for you!

queenb8261 said...

My advice thistime would get his DR on the phone and tell him what he's acting like and ask if he could be having an adverse reaction to the prozac. I would keep a close eye on him.  Sorry for what y'all are going through.
Hugs & Prayers, Barb  

emabecmar said...

good idea to go to the doctors with him. something is not right with him. maybe his meds need to be changed dosage wise. him being broke is definately not your problem. he caused it, he has to deal with it. and unless it's an extreme emergency i wouldn't hand over any money to him, and if you do get the receipts he used it for. I use to do that with my husband, he didn't like it, but oh well, he got over it. now he saves money better then i do, lol. (((((((hugs)))))))))