Friday, September 26, 2008

Court Update


An early morning phone call says that the Atty is going to have Tom plead Not Guilty.  He says "we have a good sentencing judge and if they find you guilty you might get 7 days; but we'll appeal".

The Judge listens to testimony and makes a decision.

14 days active jail time; 1 year supervised probation; lose license for 1 year and attend assessment classes.

They appealled to Supreme Court and will go to a Jury Trial sometime after the first of the year.  Supreme court only meets 3 times a year.

IF Tom wins that appeal, this all goes away including $$$$ for the attorney to handle that case and the wasted time in travel.  The attorney says they can win that case.

IF he loses it, the original charges will stick.

I'm angry.


Leave it up to Tommy to continue the tommydrama; more money spent; more time wasted.  I say keep the current sentencing and be done with it.

We've been down this road before and I reminded him of that and said "do you see where habitual comes from now?"

I know he heard the ill tone of my voice. 

The recent hospitalization of my suicide-attempting friend brought out words of "she should dump the loser" even out of Tom's mouth.  I remind him often "do you know how many people have told me the same thing about YOU?"


garnett109 said...

have a good weekend and calm down

madcobug said...

Many times supreme courts just throw a case out because they think the former Judge knew what he was doing. Like you said he would be better off just to take what he was given. I hope you have a quite weekend. Hugs, Helen

imgr8phil said...

If he gets away with this ultimately it will embolden him to continue his reckless behavior.  I do like the last thing you said.  Funny how he thinks others are losers and can't look at himself in the mirror.  I can feel your anger.  Take care friend.


sunnybethe said...

I see $$'s flying out the window with the "L****".  JMO~I feel like you are in a terrible predicament.  Maybe just ask Tom where HE is going to come up with the money for  the Attorney.  Hold on to your "purse string", the economy is not going to get better for a while.  And I hate to say it because my SIL is and attorney, but they like thier bucko's and will keep a case going to get those bucko's.  ((hugs)) Bethe

xxroxymamaxx said...

Wow!!  Love ya honey have a great weekend.  

mariebm56 said...


cuteallison1980 said...

The bad thing is that the lawyer has him convinced he can get of scott free even though Tom knows what he did and that is was wrong . . . well maybe he doesn't know he did anything wrong.  The worst thing about all of this is how you are feeling and what Miss T has to go through.  My heart always goes out to you guys.  Have a happy weekend.  Luv ya!


lifes2odd said...

I have to agree with you on this one Sharon. You'll just be making the attorney's payment on his beach house and BMW and probably end up with the same sentencing -- and at this point Tom needs to suffer through more than he was sentenced to begin with if he's ever going to change ::sigh::
How is your friend doing by the way?

chat2missie said...

I agree.  Tom should just take the sentence and get it over with.  Why drag it out and spend more money and he may serve the time any way.  My biggest thing is he is guilty, he did break the law.  

Hope you have a good weekend.  How's the weather been?

newsworthy822 said...

I don't blame ya for being angry.  Even if he is convicted it's a pretty light sentence.  Is this his third?  

deshelestraci said...

yikes.  I'm with you.  Don't fight it.  Just serve the time.  

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))))I am behind you all the way,aggreeing with you.You shouldnt have to deal with this.

emabecmar said...

he's appealing that? I'd be angry also.

queeniemart said...

how many DUI's has he had? If more than one, gee, he shoulda did the time and owned up to the mistake of it and you know why? Because he has a WIFE AND DAUGHTER to think about and not just himself.
i love you

cacklinrosie101 said...

Sharon, I know you know this but for once Tom needs to stand up like a man and pay the time for the crime.  He knows he was DWI.  No excuses.  Money can buy anybody off of anything but in the end what do they learn?  And even still, what will he learn if he pays and loses his license again.  Girl, do not sink with the ship, please!  Love you, Chris

rgossett4195 said...

your listen sentence made me smile.  You are a very wise girl!  keep taking care of yourself!  rose

nay0114 said...

Oh Sharon you have had your work cut out for you. I think what he got was reasonable, but of course it's not me getting it.
Take care, Chrissie

Myra said...

Ooooh, than musta hurt! The truth usually does. Oh Sharon, how long have you been doing this drama??!!

Myra said...

Ooooh, than musta hurt! The truth usually does. Oh Sharon, how long have you been doing this drama??!!