Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jim Cantore's here!! Oh No!


North Carolina coastal storm may become Subtropical Storm Kyle

A subtropical storm (one with characteristics of both a tropical and an extratropical storm) has developed off the coast of North Carolina today. This storm is being referred to as 94L by NHC. Visible satellite loops show that some heavy thunderstorm activity has developed near the center, which is characteristic of tropical storms.

I made Tom come and look at the weather channel.  Jim Cantore is at Topsail Island.  "See?  I told you so" was my comment to him....

When I got home this evening the patio umbrella was still up and his remark was "so?" and me, of course, shaking my head says "why don't you just listen to me?".

So at 10:30pm he believes me.

Look, when Jim's here, you know it's rough.

Now Tom is driving the gas guzzling truck to E City due to the high winds and heavy rains with potential flooding.  Better safe than rich, er, sorry.

Seriously.....what is wrong with men?

He really had no clue that this "disturbance" was out there......and NO he's not blonde.

Ya think Jim would come over and hang out with me before he leaves NC?  Tom's gonna be gone and ..............


deshelestraci said...

Batten down the hatches.

chat2missie said...

Yes, when Jim is in your area, you know it's bad!

garnett109 said...

What's wrong with men?
I've been trying to figure that one out for 46 yrs.

eml625 said...

Geez...he just don't get it ! LOL
good luck with that storm .


springangel235 said...

Worried...keep us posted...many hugs!!

queeniemart said...

I vacationed at TopSail in the 80's when i was 15 or so and LOVED it. I have no idea who Jim Cantore is! Be safe! XOXO

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))I am oraying you all are safe and He should of boreded everything up.Is that the name of the Huricane?Thats a werid name.