Monday, September 29, 2008

Digesting......need Tums


Poor Tom (rofl).

He's was excited about the verdict and possibility of a winning appeal.

Then he sat around thinking.

And of course I've lent my 2 cents worth.

He says "I didn't even get a defense - the atty didn't cross examime the cop."

I agreed.  I'd be willing to bet if the cop had been asked about the CAR he would not have been able to identify it - he never seen it, and he never saw Tom driving.

"So whatta ya gonna do?" I ask and of course he's not sure. 

The atty says he can win this....I said "that's what he said about the first one".... "remember he's out to make money on suckers like you who'll believe him.  Might as well take what you got."

I also said to him "9 of 10 people agree you got what you deserved" and his idiotic reply was "THEY WON'T SAY THAT TO MY FACE!"

Last night and into the wee hours he was so ill...up and down; smoking, grumbling, plotting, swearing...

Just like a kid caught with his hand in a candy jar.

Of course he says "when this is all over with we're selling and moving from this God forsaken state!  I never got into trouble before I came here!"

(It's never his fault you know.)

And me and my mouth said "you've just never been caught before."

I reminded him that his dear Florida was worse than NC when it comes to breaking the law.

So today he's home nursing a bad headache and nausea.  He's litterally making himself sick.

And I'm just telling it like it is.



garnett109 said...

Well he is right, living in ny he knew people, but i only got caught once living where i live and once is all i need , can't be getting that stoned and drive

deshelestraci said...

Bless his little heart.  Never his fault.  LOL Wah!

lifes2odd said...

Yep, Florida is definitely a very tough state with things like that!!

imgr8phil said...

I agree, NC is a terrible state, they just charge you with crimes that you never did all the time.  The whole world knows that.  LOL  He has never done anything wrong, when will you come to grips with that woman?  Ok, I do hope you know I'm being fecetious.  Have a good Tuesday.


cacklinrosie101 said... getting caught with their hands in the cookies jar blame everyone else but deep inside they know.  That's why he sweating it out because he's grabbing at straws and hoping the cops can't do anything.  I doubt he would find any state different except where he is known.  Pa. is pretty darned tough.  Woe is me....Love ya, Chris

eml625 said...

He really needs to start taking control of his life.
I know your getting tired of it.
Stay strong

queeniemart said...

i love you and i feel for you. What Tom needs to do is take responsibility for driving drunk. PERIOD. Forget attorneys and winning and jailtime. He fucked up big time and seems to only feel sorry for himself and not glad that he did not kill or harm himself or someone else.

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)())))))))))))))))))))I aggree with the other comment,He needs to start getting His life together and I know you been trying to tell Him that,which He doesnt want to listen.It maybe to late one day for Him to listen.My thoughts go out to you and Miss T.