Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What Hurricane?

Wednesday: Windy. A mix of clouds and sun early followed by a few showers this afternoon. High 73F. Winds N at 25 to 35 mph. Chance of rain 30%. Winds could occasionally gust over 40 mph.
Wednesday night: Showers early, becoming a steady rain overnight. Windy. Low 62F. Winds N at 25 to 35 mph. Rainfall around a half an inch. Winds could occasionally gust over 40 mph.
Thursday: Windy. A steady rain early with showers and perhaps a rumble of thunder developing in the afternoon. High 68F. Winds N at 25 to 35 mph. Chance of rain 70%. Rainfall may reach one inch.


So we had Hanna come through a couple weeks ago like she never existed.  Today we have a "disturbance" off our coast and it feels like the beginnings of a landfall outside. 

Windy....very windy and steady.  Rain to come.

Told Mr Man to be sure and take down the patio umbrella's and the flags out front......why do I have to tell him these things?  Shouldn't the lightbulb come on and ...........hmmmm...duh!

Seriously....when I left home this morning it was windy and I told him last night there was to be heavy gusts today and rain.......he was still in bed when I left at 9am.  HELLO!  Get up and secure the fortress!

It wasn't like he hadn't already been out in it....he took Miss T to school this morning because the bus didn't stop and wait for her since she wasn't outside.


I would blame it on his upcoming court date of FRIDAY, but it's always like reminding him.

Friday, yes....D day supposedly.  THE day and last day for his day in court for the DUI mess in E City.

He's going up Thursday afternoon ALONE to spend the night and be bright eyed and on time for court on Friday.  Remember?  It's a 4 hour drive.

So what happens if he's found guilty?


Who knows.....these judges surprise me sometimes.  They'll find you guilty, then suspend the sentence based on your being on probation for X months and being a good citizen.

He, of course, is hoping to be found "not guilty" based on the fact that neither cop has any evidence.  Seriously, they did not see him in a vehicle nor did they see him do you make an assumed arrest?  (Help me here Greg)

If he's found guilty and gets jail time (which I've been teasing him about all week) then it's "Road Trip" again for me to retrieve vehicle.

I'm not going with him to court this time....that may seem ugly or as if I don't care ( ! ) but, I didn't create this mess.  If he's gonna play without me, then he can finish the game alone.  Bad wifey!

See?  There's always a bag of wind going on in NC.


garnett109 said...

when i got my only 1 dui i suffered by myself got no one involved paid the piper and now i know better

queeniemart said...

A coworker just got a felony DUI on Friday at work and Wow, he did 3 days mandatory and lost his license at the scene. He is in deep shit. In Ohio, you are sunk if you get ONE DUI.
I pray the hurricanes ALL pass you by! XOXO

deshelestraci said...

You have my support for staying home and letting him stew in his own mess.  Sounds like someone who is maybe learning how to not be co-dependant?!

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))You are not a baf wife.I aggree with you on not going.

xxroxymamaxx said...

Well no not bad wifey, if he decides to make a mess for himself then he will have to clean it up.  I seriously hope everything turns out ok though.   I didn't know there was another disturbance.  Stay safe!! Love, Shelly

imgr8phil said...

I don't know what to say.  He needs help and you need better.  Have a good Thursday.


cacklinrosie101 said...

Not bad wifey; just not being an enabler.  Unfortunately, I agree with Phil.  Love n Hugs, Chris

cuteallison1980 said...

I wish Mr. Man would grow up and help you.  I don't get his act at all.  I can't wait to find out what happens in court.  Hope you have a happy Thursday. : )


chat2missie said...

I kinda wish Mr. Man would get jail time, yet again I don't.  Maybe serving some jail time would due him so good, but if he's in jail, how would you and your daugher be?  

newsworthy822 said...

we have really strict DWI laws here in MN, too.  They seize your vehicle after the second, I believe.  However, to me they never seem strict enough.  Sometimes people get off really easily. I work with a lot of people who have a million stories about why they shouldn't have been arrested, they were driving perfectly, the road was icy, the cops were out to get them... ETC.  I get SO sick of it!!!!

Anyway, I guess what's supposed to happen will.  Thinking of you!

eml625 said...

Good for you for not going !!
Let him handle it alone.

I hope the storm isnt anything. We are getting it too tonight into tomorrow.

springangel235 said...

I think you made the right decision...and what happens, happens..
I put my umbrella's down this morning..expecting storm to blow through late this afternoon...hugs and love,

sunnybethe said...

Yes, it's best to let Tom clean up his own mess.  hugs,  Bethe