Sunday, September 14, 2008

Prayers Needed & Gonna Kick some....

The day was going good.....I was in a creative mood and wanted to cook.  I was thinking Chicken Pot Pie or marinating a london broil.

After dropping Mr Man off to watch football I went grocery shopping.  I've been wanting homemade biscuits so I picked up some buttermilk and came home to make a panful....yep!  I ate 2 hot with butter. mmmmm good stuff.

I sat down to watch "I pronounce you Chuck and Larry" - hillarious movie!! 

My phone was Cindilouwho telling me that a mutual friend had tried to commit suicide and that they're at the hospital!


This lady had found out that her DH had been carrying on with another woman, found out who and all & he had said (finally) that he wanted a divorce.

(I noticed his behavior a year ago and even mentioned it - seems this isn't his first rodeo.)

Friend has been not quite herself for a while and decided to cash in her chips......  Thank GOD for putting the right people in the right place in time to get her to the hospital.  She just made it!

She'll be OK... just gotta let the meds do their thing.

I hope she comes to her senses and lets this lying cheating B*@#! go ahead with a divorce and takes him for all he's got and gets hers back.  He even was ugly to me tonight at the hospital....told me to "get the F out of here".  When she found out, she was upset, saying he had no right to say such things to anyone.  He wouldn't speak to anyone but his mommie, and when I simply asked "is she good? is she coherant?" that's the comment I got. 

Mind you, I was not in anyone's way....this AHole is just pissed off that everyone now knows what a scumbag he really is. 

Her kids came (they hate this guy - not their father) and are vowing that HE will not control this situation any longer.  I just hope their Mom cooperates with them and doesn't allow hubby to have her committed so he can do as he pleases and take her for all she has....she's put a lot into this relationship ($$$$) and doesn't need to be the loser.

He's the loser!

Cindilouwho and I got in some jabs with the mommie....she was playing all innocent saying "he's not having an affair" then admitted to knowing it just seconds later - but only after making her confess with some truths that were known that she couldn't deny.  He's one of those who has to "work" long and after hours and on weekends (NOT) and mommie mentioned him working and I jabbed "no one has to work 7 days a week" (especially in his position).

I think mommie has been egging him on........grrrrr.


Well things will certainly change now.  We'll make sure of this.  The kids aren't gonna let this go without a fight; neither will the girls! 

It's on!


chat2missie said...

No man is worth ending your life.  I sure hope your friend can see that now! I'll keep her in my prayers.

imgr8phil said...

So sorry to hear about your friend.  Not a very good day for her.  I will say a prayer for her.  Take care and have a good week.


mastersblynn said...

sounds like what is going on with my sister...only she is not fighting and he has the kids on his side.  Thank goodness she has a friend like you. Stick to her like glue.  My sis husband is a mommas boy too.
Kick some ass!

madcobug said...

I pray that you friend will pull thought this and be ok. He is not worth her trying to take her life. He was very rude to you. Helen

garnett109 said...

praying for your friend

eml625 said...

Wow. Poor 'friend' , I hope she's ok. What hospital? You might have been in the same one my SIL works at.

queeniemart said...

You won't be able to make this woman to change or leave this AH..she may go back to home when released yet still whine and cry and "need" you at times. Lots of wives like that out there.
It was nice of you to go and see her though. XO

sugarsweet056 said...

Prayers going up.

deshelestraci said...

Sounds like a mess.  Poor woman.

cuteallison1980 said...

I know what it is like to be cheated on.  I walked in on them in my bed.  That was a lot of fun.  There is more out there for her than wanting to kill herself on account of anyone else.  I hope and pray she will be ok.  Have a  happy week.  Luv ya!


sunnybethe said...

What a mess!  Hopefully she will start standing up for herself.  May take a while, I'm afraid.  hugs,  Bethe

rgossett4195 said...

What an idiot.  Your friend is going to need the strength of good friends, & I know you will be there!!  rose

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))Oh my,that is so sad.I am so glad She got to the Hosiptal in time.She doesnt need a jerk like that in Her life.I am glad that She has friends like you and Cindyloowho to be there for Her.