Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Happy Hump Day and Where's My Other Gift?


OK.....It took a lot of courage to pose for this LOL!!!!

So here we are at the peak of another week.  What are we going to do for the weekend?  Anyone got anything special coming up?  I'm to report for babysitting duties for my Nephew Saturday night so my SIL can take bigger lil brother out for a surprise birthday (7-21) dinner.  Nephew is having his big #1 party on 7-22.

 Today is trickeytricky's birthday HAPPY DAY Amanda.  And Friday we have buggieboo1's birthday coming up ...HAPPY DAY to Sharon.

  Yes, I'm winding down my birthday celebration...I know y'all be glad to hear that one.  But I am waiting on one more gift.  My SIL called to ask me which restaurant I'd like my gift certificate from.  Guess I'll get that one Saturday when I go over to keep an eye on lil man.  Oh yeah, then there's my lunch next week with the coworkers and boss when he gets back, then I guess I'll officially be done with the celebrating.

The pool is up and running well now.  My little cleaning bug got a bum leg the other day, but a swift slap and he's back in working condition.  Wish I could say the same for my DH.  Miss T has not come out of the pool except to eat, sleep and poop.  (There you go Lisa Jo - your word)  Today her friend Kassie is enjoying it with her.  I think the Nephew is coming over Thursday or Friday.

It's been a weird day.  Rain here and there.  Temps around 90 and to be hotter tomorrow plus the humidity....ugh!  August is usually our hottest month in coastal NC.  Summer is just beginning.  We've been 85-87 lately and that's not too bad.  How's your weather??




garnett109 said...

I could not read your journal, the picture that you posted gave me an asthma attack and now on my puffers and oxygen, thanks! LOL!

bobbysgirl8584 said...

we had tornado warnings all afternoon in CT; lots of rain and wind; thunderstorms etc.  another crazy weather day in New England!!!
enjoy the rest of your bday celebrations: I say celebrate as long as you can!!!

canyonsun04 said...

I'm in Dayton Ohio, we had a tornado touch down near us and damage some buildings, luckily nobody was hurt.  Good for you on your birthday and what a pic you posed for..ha ha ha ha ha ha ha :)

chat2missie said...

Here in PA were in a tornado warning and severe thunderstorms.  We've managed to stay dry most of the day.  If were going to have bad weather, I would rather have it during the day.  Temps here have been in the mid 90s also.  Hot, Hot!!  

cacklinrosie101 said...

Birthday celebration winding down, say it ain't so?'s our weather here...monsoon is about the only word to describe it.  One day of sun followed by 5 or 6 days of non-stop rain.  Not typical but every once in a while we get a summer that sucks.  Miss T ought to look like prune by now.  HUGS  Chris

queeniemart said...

lol  poop poop       You just wait until you cant poop and you will understand. :))

I want to come swim in your pool and drink alcohol.

I love the have a nice ass.  

I hope you enjoy your babysitting duties. I bet you will have as much fun as the kids.

deshelestraci said...

Our weather in Middle Tennessee is hot and humid!  And hot.  We missed the showers today but some got a few drops.  I remember spending the whole summer in the pool as a kid.  My next door neighbors had one.

jckfrstross said...

everyone is on the word kick poop LOL have a good thursday


am4039 said...

geesh your birthday is still going on. LOL. Hopefully everyone well have great birthday parties.

eml625 said...

Darn, that picture looked just like ME !!!
Weather in NY, Rain.Blah.
Have a good one.

dondieroy said...

wow ! you are lookin' good in your tag !!  I bet your are enjoying the pool.  The weather here in Savannah has been hot and humid.. Supposed to get in the mid 90's... wow !!! that is hot..  I am going to try to go to my sisters pool this weekend.  Have a great day.  Dondie

trickeytricky said...

What a naughty graphic . . . hehe . . . I like it! :-D

Thanks for the birthday wishes in your j! That is so exciting! I am noticing a day late, only because my alerts are turned off, shucks, but hey, a little post birthday happiness is always welcome, so thanks again!

Take care!

Amanda :)

daniella12800 said...

Man..I promise to never go on vacation again...I am so far behind in your journal!  First and fore most HAPPY BIRTHDAY (BELATED)  It sounds like it has treated you well since it has been going on for a week now LOL!!  Also so happy that Miss. T has found some excitment for the summer and has no fear of the pool that is just awesome! Looks like 90 and humid will be ok as long as you are in the pool!

Well let me get caught up here...I won't comment anymore so you do not have lots of alerts but I will be reading!


springangel235 said...

Hope your weather for the upcoming weekend is rain free...we had bad storms here in VA. late yeterday afternoon.  Have a wonderful Friday...hugs and love,

shayshaydc said...

I love that picture at the top!!!! Nothing special going on for me for the weekend except that I'm off work!!! Yea!!!! And I'm playing golf!!!! Hope you have a good one!!!!