Sunday, July 30, 2006

Skinny Dipity Do Da!

It's here.....the weekend is winding down.  Another Paradise come to a halt.  Friday was particularly rough for me.....crazy coworker; lunatic husband can't figure out what to have for dinner (home all day, not important to him) so we end up in a tiff about that.  He ordered Pizza while I was out finishing some birthday shopping for my Mom.  I just don't get it, why he gets so bent outta shape over dinner......ugh!

Saturday morning Miss T and I get up and head over to my Mom's house.  They came back from Myrtle Beach Friday night.  I had bought her a pair of pajama's while we were there and Miss T bought some cupcakes and sang to her last weekend.   Mom said she needed some gold hoop earrings (I got her 2 pair) and something funny so I bought "Garfield" and Ron White's "You Can't Fix Stupid" DVD's plus I bought me the "Decade of Laughs" CD by Bill Engvall and took it over to her house and ripped it into her computer.  Trust NOT listen to this CD while driving......I was in tears on my way home with it Friday...almost could not see where I was going and my back was hurting so bad from laughing!

Then Miss T was off to a friend's house for an overnighter......the friend I've written about before "M" whose Dad seems to like to pawn her off on me when it's his turn to have her.  M's Mom has a pool and a couple of girls were coming over to chill and have a pizza/pool/moviesathome/popcorn kinda day.  (Tom promised me a dip in the pool later tonight!)

I went by the bake shop and bought my Mom a fudge layer cake and I got 2 pastry's for myself........and I need to lose weight HELLO!!!!!!!  I dropped the cake off at my Nanny's and called Mom saying "there it is come get it" basically.  Went home to work in the house, you know, the dreaded laundry.  I unpacked 2 - yes 2 - suitcases that had been laying around with miscellaneous stuff in them from our last 2 trips out and about.  BAD ME!  Then I worked on the living room while Mr Man spent 2 hours cleaning his bathroom from top to bottom, corner to corner!  It is impressive!

I hate to sweat and by now I've worked up one so I was off to the shower.....we decided since we were childless to go out.  I picked a restaurant that Tom had not been to yet "Bonefish".  He loved it.  He had the Grouper and I had the Duet, steak & shrimp.  It began to rain and it was too early to head to my favorite spot downtown so I called up my friend Teresa and she said "come on over".  We picked up some beer and spent the evening there.  Man it was hot!  Sweat pouring down my back and I hate to sweat!

Once home I strip down and .................hit the pool!  Ahhhhhhhhh....heavenly.

Where was Tom?

When he got home he hit the bed..........................

Mind you he had a good amount of Absolute Vodka all night so he was gonna be useless to me anyway!

Why do I even bother?????????????????


sugarsweet056 said...

LOL @ your last couple lines! LOL
Hugs, Sug

barebytes said...

Oh man! He missed his chance for an evening of activity hahaha Oh well, bed does sounds good after a night of drinking hahaha Just not alone!  Hugs Lanny

chat2missie said...

Very funny couple of last lines!

eml625 said...

I'm tired and sweaty just reading all that !!!!!
I love swimming at night!

imgr8phil said...

Why should anyone get all bent out of shape over dinner.  He is a grown man and can fend for himself.  What if he was single, would he starve to death.  Anyway, hope you are having a good Sunday.  Take care.


garnett109 said...

We were trashed on vodka slushies yesterday !

emabecmar said...

I think your hubby and mine are related, lol. Few drinks and it's off to bed for my hubby also. Thank god I got this computer and Jland, or I'd go nuts, lol. (((Hugs)))

springangel235 said...

I am soaked just reading here too...really bad.  A dip tonight in the pool sounds like a winner here too....enjoy!!!

jckfrstross said...

Its hot here too :( been in the 100s ugh Arizona is cooler go figure try and stay cool the pool sound heavenly


cacklinrosie101 said...

No were skinny dipping and poor old Tom was passed out in bed.  His loss....did ya tell him what he missed?  HUGS  Chris

mpnaz58 said...

Sometimes you just need that skinny yourself!!  My husband does that too, like he'll be home all day, and doesn't worry about dinner til I get home.  Or I'll be out all day, and I will have dinner out, he just doesn't eat.  Must be a "man" thing!!  Take care..
xoxo ~Myra

lifes2odd said...

All sounds good except for Tom not living up to his swimming promise!
Martha :-)

deshelestraci said...

Again, wishing for the pool!  Too bad about your hubby though.

am4039 said...

That pool sounds so  nice. Happy you both had a good dinner. My husband will say to me at 6 am. or he'll call around 10 and say what's for dinner. I say how do I know. LOL.  Men.

queeniemart said...

hell i would rather be in the pool than having sex. LOL

Rick likes that Bill Envall dude...i bet that CD was funny. Sounds like you had a full and interesting weekend....tell dude to quit fighting with you over dinner and just eat!!


thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Guess at least you got him to clean his bathroom....LOL...been in your shoes too many times to count..Huggies...TerryAnn

randlprysock said...

I am so happy to be stopping by and saying hi!!  Men, they can be so difficult.  Like big babies they are.  Okay the pastry's and fudge layer cake .... yummmm.  Two hours of cleaning is what I need.  And another few hours to get organized.  Hugs,

dondieroy said...

he clean his bathroom.. that would be awesome at my house..  My husband doesn't do anything inside the house.. MEN are worthless..  LOL
Dondie  ( he says that when he does something, I always re-do it ~ well, yeah.  When he fold towels he always folds them wrong.. I think he does it on purpose)