Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hump Day Heats Up

th_heat.gif             Lemme say it's hotter than than a cat with gasoline drawers!  I don't know what that means........but coworker is always saying it. 

Hump day heats up for me beginning around left eye was in pain...gotta be a migraine I finally said to self about 6am!  Now to find the Imitrex and I'll be good to go.  Emailed coworker and said "going back to bed to die".  9am eyeball still wants to fall outta the socket.  Hmmmmmm not a migraine anymore eh?  OK, 4 Advil and back to bed.  Then me thinks to self again "Self?".... Remember Monday when you were having trouble with that foggy vision from staring at that bright window?  Is this the same eye you have that freckle on (dr said it was OK but don't let it turn into a tumor) ?

 Could just be J-land-itis from reading all these entries LOL!!!!  Nah, I think it was a migraine gone wacko.  Hubby cooked a chicken stir fry last night and I'm pretty sure there must have been some MSG hiding somewhere.  That stuff knocks me for a loop.


So Miss Tara has left the building.  She had an Acro class at 6pm then it was off to a friends home for the night....I'll pick her up tomorrow for her technique class.  This is the same friend whose Dad calls me whenever he has her and he wants a "babysitter".  I told the Mom that I've been ignoring her X's calls lately for that reason.  She says she just wishes he'd give up and go away!  He is a control freak and is so trying to prove she's an unfit Mom.  Duh, what will he do with a 9 year old 365??  Sure ain't gonna pawn her off on me.


I think I've been missing the point with this kid though.  When she called me Monday, she said "I haven't seen Tara in sooooooo long and I miss her"....guess I've been forgetting that part all these times that I've been dissing the Dad.  I just want him to take responsibility for her and his time with her.  If he knows she'll be with him this weekend then DON'T make other plans and say OH WELL, Sharon will keep her.  Don't get me wrong, he's not a deadbeat....owns his own business and pays his CS.  And I don't mind if he's working late or on a Saturday to have his kid, but..........make your plans to be with your child!  (Plus I don't always want to be bothered by having another child around - especially when I have to pull teeth to get this one to behave or clean up)

Yeah, OK, in a perfect world, I know th_exclamation-Job_opps.gif

My kid is well mannered and rule oriented.  She knows better.  I don't just say this because she's mine.  It's her genetics plus  people tell me that she is very good.  I tell them they have to be brutally honest with me.  If my kid is a brat TELL ME!  But I know she's not, she's just not made up that way.

  We did have some drama today.....I had told her she had to straighten out her room.  Boy was she hating it that I was home today.  I reminded her of it constantly.  She griped a little, but she did make her bed and rake out a pathway for me to get to her closet LOL!!  She also wanted me to write her a check....................HELLO!  for what???  She said it was for special occassions.  I said "like buying Chase a birthday present this week?".  She said yes, but it was probably to go along with me writing her a check. So I made HER write out the check.  I gave her one of mine, said "look at it good" and tell me what goes where. 

She wanted $50............she called her Grandma. th_exclamation-Job_opps.gif

Grandma agreed to split it with me, she'll give her $25 and I'll give her $25.  Afterall, we are going to Myrtle Beach this weekend and it WAS Grandma's idea that Miss T go to Build-A-Bear.  So it's all too fair that G-ma pay, right?  RIGHT!  Now Miss Priss has a check in her wallet for $25.  Told her now she'd have to go to the bank to get the money.  This should be an experience for her!

  The pool boy is having a time.  We bought a chlorinator with this pool.  It makes chlorine from salt that is added to the water.  Well, it doesn't seem to be working.  So he's calling and calling to find out whatzzup.  Yes, he's cleaned it according to the instructions.  Yes, he's tested the water.  What?  They want a copy of a water test done by a pool company.  Jesus Louisus....He ran by a place today on the way to T's class...all levels are great, but the chlorine level (duh).  He's outside now, adding shock, muriatic acid and topping off the water.  OH yeah, it's just another day in paradise.

  thank you Chris!!


allisonm96 said...

I love the cat with gasoline drawers!! LOVE IT!!  LOL..... I understand the migrane... there is nothing worse that I have ever experienced.. its truly awful!! Stay cool!

queeniemart said...

Your daughter sounds like a smart kid! She has some money now. I hope you have fun this weekend and i am worried about your eye. Are you going to the doctor?


sugarsweet056 said...

I get migraines too, so I understand!!!!!!!!!!!
Cat with gasoline drawers, yep I know that expression! LOL
Hugs, Sug

mumma4evr said...

how is the migraine doing?

alphamoon65 said...

Hope your eye is feeling better.  thank god for grandparents...I used to ship mine off every summer for one sweet sweet  Take care, and feel better.

mastersblynn said...

Hope you get better soon!!!!

jckfrstross said...

i got your postcard today:) i will send yours tomorrow


imgr8phil said...

Migraines are no fun.  Hope you are doing better now.  Have a good time in Myrtle and stay cool.


oquinn2004 said...

Hope you are feeling better.  Its been HOT here too it was 104 today!!!


bobbysgirl8584 said...

I hope you are feeling better; this heat and humidity has been unbelievable...although things have cooled down a bit here. I hope today is a better day .

garnett109 said...

could be glaucoma? GO SEE AN EYE DOCTOR!

eml625 said...

Hope that headache is better !   I never got all those chemicals with pool ...hubby does all that!

deshelestraci said...

Maybe a trip to the eye doctor will clear things up.  I think 9 is a tough age.  Old enough to know all kinds of stuff and still young enough not to be able or willing to do much about it!

dondieroy said...

Hope you are feeling better.  I had a headache last night.  they are not fun.. take care and stay cool..  Dondie

newsworthy822 said...

oh how I can relate to the room cleaning drama! "pathway to the closet.." LOL! Hailey likes to put stuff in bags, like the plastic kind from the grocery store, and stuff them everywhere. I am always finding bags full of stuff, dirty clothes, notebooks, markers, Bratz Dolls. I feel a goodwill run coming on...

Glad you're keeping cool in da pool! No leeches in the pool!! Our dog caught some kinda parasite from swimming in the bay. Hmm...that reminds me of a song, instead of "Some Kinda Wonderful" it could be "Some Kinda Parasite." LMAO! $140 later, he is no longer scratchin'.
Have a great day!!

barebytes said...

Hump day heats up.....almost thought you were writing an X rated entry hahaha  Hugs Lanny    PS: get to feeling better.

randlprysock said...

Love this entry!!  I do not like x's of any kind.  Glad he pays his support.  Loved the post card!!  Totally cheered me up!!  Hope your eye feels better and yes, I think that msg is some bad stuff.  I need a grandma that will give me $50 bucks too. LOL Hugs,

canyonsun04 said...

I would love to take my kids to build-a-bear.  :) just costly with 3 of them, an then of course ME! ha ha ha. Sorry about your migraine, hope your feeling better :)

am4039 said...

I hope your feeling better and your hubby is not trying to kill you. LOL. Just kidding of course. That's nice for Grandma and you to split the check. I want one too. But no one ever gives me one. My kids are always well behaved in public always have been, sometimes at home they make up for it. LOL.

pennietoonz said...

Ugh to that migraine! :(   Oh yeah, I know MSG can really kick butt in some people!
I`m glad Tara`s friend got to spend some time with her. I`m sure she does miss her.
How cool she has to go to the bank now to cash her check. Working in a bank myself, I like to see the kids getting the experience early on.

cacklinrosie101 said...

Sharon, get that eye checked.  It might not be anything terrible.  As far as your pool, did you add stabilizer to it.  It keeps the sun from evaporating the chloring in extremely hot humid weather.  That was one of my very first mistakes.  HUGS  Chris

gotomaria said...

Oh,  I want a pool like that!  We had one free standing one for one year when my daughter was around 10 or so.   It fell apart the next year...but I loved it..only thing was it definitely was a kid magnet for the neighborhood.  Good luck with that eye too.   I"m just getting started on the postcard thing...will send you my info...;)