Friday, July 28, 2006

Where do stars fall?

OK STOP CALLING THE PECKER INSPECTORS!!!!   We don't really shake the eggs outta the chickens.  We have been known to grab em by the neck and give a crank, pluck em, clean em and fry em up! 

Ahhhhhhhh.......Today was the 28th....the day that I was warned would be bad.  Coworker sent me out with a wrong address (good thing I am smarter than I look) and it wasn't the first time this week.  I swear she cannot hear or either her ADHD is in full force!  Boss man gave her the address of 4900 and she told me 509 DUH!  Way far off.  And she sent me to 3rd Street ( I knew better because 3rd is courthouse, thalian hall, banks, city offices) when I was to be going to 2nd Street.  Geeesh....I say thank you for paying me mileage LOL!!!!  Oh the drama.....

Needless to say I headed across the parking lot to see my chiropractor.  Been having neck issues and my TMJ acting up.  A couple of twists and I'm good as new!

This afternoon Tom & I are butting heads about dinner.  Mind you, he's home all day.....could be coming up with a meal plan, but NOooooooooooo.  After a few "fine" this's and "FINE" that's I head out to pick up a movie and a CD to add to my Mom's birthday bag (tomorrow the big 6-0).  Once I'm home there's pizza.......and Tara's hair all in a rat's nest!  Ugh, that was about 30 minutes of combing out.  (CALLLLGON)

Now it's my turn in the pool....everyone else is out and tired.  AH HA!  The water is bathtub warm, but there is a light breeze.  I'm all alone.........  I swam a couple of laps around the edges.  Then I just floated.....for about 30 minutes I floated staring up at the sky.

In the distance I could see the thunder, so I was sure that it was still far enough away.  The stars were out, not as many as normal due to the light clouds.  I spied a sattelite, 8 planes all heading North (where is everyone going and why??).  I just remained there with my head propped up on the float, calm, noticing God's night lights when I just happened to be turned the right way to spy a shooting star!  Of course I made a wish.

I remember being young and wondering, when stars fall, where do they land? 

I received Lisa Jo's postcard today from the grand state of OHIO!!! Thank you Lisa!  I so wish you could be here with me....we'd still be in the pool forgetting all our troubles!!!  I received 3 cards yesterday.  One from Seattle WA - love that space needle & fireworks (fireworks are my favorite-thanks Maria!); one from Savannah GA ( woo hoo way to go Dondie) and one from Barb in Lubbock Texas! saying "Howdy".  Love em all!  I am sooooo having fun with this one.  I must admit there is one on the way to me that has me worried.... my dear friend JG is liable to pull something out of his sleeve to make me laugh!  Now one from Hadon........that would be ideal (hint hint).  It would have to be wrapped in plain brown wrapping though I'm sure LOL!!!

Tomorrow I am child free.............what kind of trouble should I get into????


am4039 said...

I hope you finally ate dinner. Happy you found the place you were going. Now when it comes to the eggs I no nothing about farming so I would believe anything. LOL.

queenb8261 said...

Tomorrow if I were childfree or if it were my birthday, OH WAIT, IT IS!! LOL  I would lie out in pool and insist someone keep my adult beverage glass filled.  I would have someone cooking for me and bringing my meals to me so that I might dine while I sit on the seat in the pool.  I might.  But I doubt it. LOL I hope you have a fun and peaceful day tomorrow.  I will have a houseful.  LOL
I believe that God put on  Earth to accomplish a certain number of things.  Right now I am so far behind, I will never die.  

eml625 said...

Ok-  you dont really pluck 'em and eat do ya ????
You are to funny my friend...we have to hook up when I head south next month!!!!

allisonm96 said...

I don't know, but I have heard that fresh chickens used for frying taste weird... is that true?  lol. It must have been nice to just float for relaxing! I hope your wish comes true! I wonder where those falling stars DO land? I guess we will never know....My mom says when I was a toddler I asked, "how do the stars just hang up in the sky like that, and not fall down?" Isn't it funny how we stop thinking that way when we grow up?

chat2missie said...

That must of been wonderful to lay on a float in your pool and watch the skies.  Have a great weekend.

garnett109 said...

I found a place that sells post cards I will send them out monday !

oquinn2004 said...

Sounds like you got some well deserved alone sounds so relaxing just floating in the pool staring up at the stars.....AAAHHHHH

Take care,  LIz

queeniemart said...

I just received my 2nd postcard from you! LOL   Damn, i am special. My postcards are ugly as sin.

I can just see you floating aimlessly around that pool, contemplating life, taking it easy. You enjoy those moments babe!
Happy BIG 60 to mom!
XO love ya

cacklinrosie101 said... is the this Mecury crap gonna fade or what?  LOL...I'm heading out to my pool to float around and just stare into space.  You cracked me up with those chickens of yours....HUGS  Chris

mpnaz58 said...

Floating in a pool looking up at the stars...ahhhh!!  Hope the water wasn't bathtub warm cuz everyone else used it...if ya' know what I mean ;)  So whatchadoin today??  Take care...
xoxo ~Myra

lifes2odd said...

I can't wait to hear what kind of trouble you find to get into -- you wild woman you!
Martha :-)

springangel235 said...

You sound like me floating in the pool and looking up at the relaxing...hope your weekend's going well...hugs,

deshelestraci said...

I want my own pool now!  That sounds incredible.

pennietoonz said...

That pool sounds irresistable. Maybe it`s good that I DON`T have one, I`d probably never come out of it. :0)

randlprysock said...

I can just see you in that pool!!  Hope your neck feels better and happy birthday to mom.  Hugs,