Sunday, November 18, 2007

Weekend Thankfuls


Friday was cold......hear me?  Windy and cold.  Thursday started off at 72 with a high of 67???? and quickly turned to 45.....Friday was just a tad warmer.  One day I'm in shorts, the next in

I also CLEANED house....CLEAN I tell ya.  YAY!! Ran around picking up cake and pizza's .... I cheated....picked up 5 Sam's Take N Bake $7.99 each.  At 5:45pm they started pouring in and by 7 I had 8, screaming 10-11 year olds, one science teacher and one student intern math teacher, roomie, hubby, me, my nephew & his parents, and my mom all gathering for the birthday bash.

You should have seen the 2 yr old nephew trying to hula hoop.  He'd hold it just right, toss it and sit down.....classic!!

We filled the cooler with ice and soda's to keep the kids outta the fridge.  I cooked chili and baked brownies, and Tom baked the pizza's.  Singing Happy Birthday and tearing open presents of "Webkinz".  That's all she wants is "Webkinz".  Miss T also racked up a bit of cha-ching!

What has happened to kids manners these days?  When I was sleeping over, I was always afraid to disturb my friend's parents, much less have them ASK me to behave.

Many, many MANY times, they were asked to keep it to a low roar.  One kid just would not even comprehend it.

I am THANKFUL that that night is over.

On Saturday morning they were up bright and early and by 8am I was baking Cinnabon coffee cake.  Then they were outside to jump on the trampoline most of the morning.  THANK GOD they were outside.  I could hardly wait till NOON when the parents would retrieve these rug rats.  It turned out to be a grand day....high of about 67.  No wind. 

My stepDad was given the A-OK to drive last week, so he was at the farm and I called for him to come get hot coffee and the coffee cake.

As you can imagine I spent the rest of the day vegged out!  Lazy.  THANKFUL for a quiet home.

Today?  Sunday.  I wanted to shop.  Ever get that itch to just shop?  I can't do any shopping for Miss T's Christmas until after her birthday.  Guess that'll have to wait till Wednesday.  I'm "birthday party poor".

But instead I hung around home.....laundry.....Tom made a gravy and then left me to make the meatballs.  I'm not as good at them as he is. 

E.T. was on tonight and Miss T had never seen it so we watched it.  She has had the snotz all week and weekend and I was afraid she wouldn't be able to have her party.  She and I just lazed around in the late afternoon since she was feeling so beat up....lack of sleep and fighting her cold.

Speaking of weather (earlier in entry) it is 10:45pm and 68 degrees.  I feel a sweat about to break out.  And I hear it's to be 75 on Turkey Day.

All in all I'm thankful that the party is over and that otherwise I've had a nice, quiet weekend.  This is the first time in 4 years that I've been able to have my weekends Nutcracker practice because there's no Nutcracker this year.

I don't know how I managed for 4 years, every weekend from September through T-giving time for US or myself.

But I wouldn't trade those performances and practices for anything.  I am very thankful to have had that experience.  Miss T and I made some new great friends.  I expect that my stage hubby will call me this week....... man, he's a hottie!!  Here we are in 2004.


Maybe I can make it to the Floatilla this year at the beach to see all the boats decorated and watch fireworks.  I have lived here all my life and never been.

I love fireworks! 

Have a great week everyone!  I hope y'all have awesome plans for Thursday. 


deshelestraci said...

Glad Miss T had a great birthday.  My kids don't even know what webkinz are!  Thank goodness or I'd never get the computer!

am4039 said...

the party sounded like likes of fun but a lot of work. Happy it all went well.

tampa0503 said...

OMG...what a hoot!  I'd would have never made it thru the party without losing it.  I always needed my sleep.  You are so patient!


cuteallison1980 said...

I have had the itch to shop, of course I have, lol, I'm a girl, isn't that what we do?  Your stage hubby is  nice looking.  Have a thankful week topped off with a Happy Thanksgiving. : )


bobbysgirl8584 said...

glad the party went well: sleepovers can be tricky b/c you never know how they are going to go and its a long time for everyone to be together and get along!!
have a great week!!!

mpnaz58 said...

What a fun, albeit busy, weekend.    Photog, party planner, hostess with the, you do it all!!

springangel235 said...

You did have a busy!  I loved all the photos...thanks for sharing...have a great week...hugs and love,

xxroxymamaxx said...

Awesome Sharon.  I'm glad the party went well.  happy birthdya Miss T!!!  And I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving too.  Love ya, Shelly

queeniemart said...

you are so pretty.....i am glad i am past the preteen bday parties but it sounds like you had a bit of fun anyway. lol      Glad its past you and that Miss T got a good load. Its cold here too.
XO lj

garnett109 said...

nice and warm here a balmy 34 degrees here!

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((((((TPIEZ4ME))))))))))))))))))Sounds like you all had a blast.Have a nice day.

chat2missie said...

That's right, you haven't made any entries about the Nutcracker this year!  Enjoy your week.

imgr8phil said...

Keep being thankful because you have a lot to be thankful for. Have a good Tuesday.  Take care.


eml625 said...

My daughter is at a sleepover as I read your entry !! LOL Now I'm feeling bad for those parents !
I agree,  kids today dont' have the manners that we use to have.
Have a great night