Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Good Ringie Dingie

Ahhhhhhh  a decent nights sleep!

I was gonna make sure of it....took my meds early enough and I even lit a Lavendar incense stick in the bedroom!  Zzzzzz!

Only about 5 hours but at least it was constant.  Up and get Miss T off to school.....she wants to change her name, to --- guess.....

Roxy  or   Lauren but she'd prefer Roxy!

So I said "well I can just call you Roxy-T or Roxy Lynn"!  (Chicago came to my mind - along with "other" names rofl)

Told you she's nutz.

We have a Dance Competition this weekend!  Solo is Friday night, cross your fingers for her.....she's just "not feeling" the song she says.  The other 3 routines are on Saturday and she's on the money with those.

  Tom's cell phone is DEAD.....DRT as we say in the south (dead right there) and he's calling from his bro's phone.  Seems the charger area of the phone has something broke in it. Sooooo....

I did remind him he's not s'pozed to be on a "vacation for drunks" and he said he'd curb it.  (??????)

They're going to some aircraft museum place today - B52's is what Tom used to work on.  He'll be loving it.

  Then he called about 9:30pm and he was signs of drinkie.  They'd been out to eat (must be nice) and the nephews were getting ready for bed.

He said he loves me, misses me and knows that we can work this out.  I reminded him of his "game plan" that he's to be working on....that it has to have a "clause".  His brother shoots from the hip, spares no words and I'm sure is giving him HELL-o kitty for his actions.


I do miss him.....kinda.  I mean, yeah it's different without him in the house, a nice different.  Quiet.  Except for Miss Crabby Pants who thinks she can be snappy and all.......we're (roomie and I)having to scold her a bit for her bad attitude and whiney ways.  I don't do whiney well at all!!!

 I am looking at it as if I would be doing this for a in Single and single Mom.  What would I do?  Move?  That would make it easier for me on school, work and dance.

Where would I find a place with the room I currently have for the price I'm paying now?  Nowhere!!!! 

So while my mind is looking FORWARD it is contemplating all angles.  Will Tom come home with a workable plan?  That would be awesome.  If he VOIDS the plan, then at least I've looked far enough ahead to know what I would have to deal with.


hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))I do hope things work out for everyone.I remember when I was younger and wanted to change my namme all the time.LOL.I hated my name.

xxroxymamaxx said...

Aww.w.... a lil Roxy girl after my own heart!! lol  I'm still praying for Tom Sharon.  I do hope this can be resolved.  love you.  Shelly

P.S.  Can you ask Roomie if my brother is here with me???  Just wonderin.

peytonswater said...

Well you tell lil Roxy girl that I want to be named Peyton, so she's not alone! hahahhahhahaha

sunnybethe said...

Glad you got some sleep girl.  And tell Miss T GOOD LUCK!  

hugs,  ~Bethe~      

garnett109 said...

good for tom  on trying!

ktkamanski said...

I hope these 10 days make a world of difference. You deserve the best. Take care and enjoy your rest. Good Luck to Roxy this weekend. Have fun,

queeniemart said...

did i know that Roomie DID move back? Well, good for her and for you. I almost wish Tom would go a day or TWO without calling so you would not wait for the call and do something just for YOU.   I know you may not like that idea though. He should not be drinking one damn drop and calling you and letting you worry long distance. Miss T will ace all her moves.


imgr8phil said...

I'm glad you are taking this time to contemplate the future.  Hope he comes back with a different outlook but don't count on it.  Take care and have a good Valentine's Day.


emabecmar said...

Miss T will do fine with her dance. And I hope the hubby realizes how good he has it with a wife as you. (((((hugs)))))))

jckfrstross said...

have a restful evening:) oh i remember those teen pre teen years and all of the drama lol


eml625 said...

I cant see how this trip is doing any good if he's drinking there.
But time apart is doing YOU good. So for that I'm happy.
My MIL is getting on a plane from Wilmington NC to NY Today !!! I get her for two weeks. LOL
I can see the attitude on my soon to be 9 yr old diva, so I feel your pain girlfriend.
Big hugs,

luddie343 said...

Well at least your atitude is intact!  And I'm sure Roxy-T will do just fine.  As for Tom and a workable plan?  Only you know if that'll happen - but I wish you a very happy St Valentine's Day sweetie!  xoxo CATHY

deshelestraci said...

Use the Law of Attraction and visualize the closer to everything, cheaper than you have now, larger space than before apt or house, it will come!

fasttrack58 said...

Good Luck Miss Roxy T on Friday!
Linda :)