Thursday, February 7, 2008


This is the second tire.

This is the first tire below.


hugsdoodlewacky said...


deshelestraci said...

Holy cow.  I can only shake my head.  You deserve so much better.

garnett109 said...

sorry kiddo they both look like blow outs to me if it was stabbed or cut it would be a clean cut not jagged , sorry

peytonswater said...

I have no clue, will have scott look at them later to see what he thinks. I guess in the end it doesn't matter does it???
Hugs and Luv

chat2missie said...


eml625 said...

I don't know anything about tires. But whatever happened it sucks that you have to deal with it all.

randlprysock said...

OMGoodness!!!  What happened?  I think I missed something somewhere in the entry... or no, now I think I remember reading about it..... long week, please forgive me for being so forgetful.  I think a nap is in order today!

ktkamanski said...

Scary stuff ~ Hope you find some peace in all of this soon. Take care of you,

cacklinrosie101 said...

Oh dear, Sharon.  I was just catching up and reading backwards to forward.  No easy answers.  Well, I think you know the answer.  I knew long before I followed through with what had to be done.  Please, girl, don't let yourself and Ms. T sink with his ship.  Love you, Chris

sunnybethe said...

HI Sharon, I am just catching up also.  What is that behind the hub cap of the first picture...."All Purpose Gloves"??


queeniemart said...

Jeez. I know all about tire issues......did he pay to get them fixed?
i love you