Thursday, March 9, 2006

After thoughts

Well all that ranting and raving I did yesterday about the church mess from 8 years ago left me tired and worn out....not to mention it didn't help the sore throat I've been having all week.  Talked to my Grandma about it a little bit....she's the best.  83 and goes harder than I do.  Plus she's a great cook and my daughter practically begs for her butterbeans and rice and gravy!  (So do I!)  Anywho, I do need to consider my daughter's salvation and isn't like we've never talked about it.  We used to read Bible stories from her little bible with pictures and we made up a cute little prayer for night time.  Plus, she suffers from panic attacks (poor baby) and I remind her to relax and pray that God will help her.  She does.  Once I went online to look up bible study material for kids her age...printed it but didn't get any further.  I know, she needs Sunday School stuff (bad mommy)......just hope I don't fail. 

I work for a's a cool job.  There are 2 girls in the office and we do a bit of it all....accounting, inspections, customer service.  We are allowed alot of input on our townhouses which makes the job nice.  The custom homes though are totally custom...owner's territory.  It is amazing to "see" the extent some people go to spending in a new home and I don't mean the retirement 2 bedroom one story stuff.  I'm talking "grand manor" style....4500 square feet plus.  One customer installed a $20,000 chandelier (gasp) and still wanted to complain about the cost of his home....DUH...shoulda kept a close rein on the wifey's spending!!  That's what gets me....the "haves" go to extremes and complain and us peon's can hardly aford a light bulb when it blows out!  $20K for a light fixture - COME ON!  Buy me a car would ya!??!!  Better yet, send me on that much needed island vacation.

My daughter finally passed her 0-3 times tables yesterday WOOOOHOOOO!!!  Great for on to the 4-6's.  Third grade...what a tough year.  A lot of stuff crammed into their little heads....hell, some of these things I didn't learn until 8th grade.  I guess it's better to learn now while the brain is still a "sponge" so that 8th grade will be better for them than it was for us, well, ME anyway.  8th grade...what a tough year for me.  My mom remarried and we moved to a different town, same state and only about 45 minutes away, but still....starting a new school and all WOW!  Rough time.  All in all it was for the better.  My step-dad is great.  In the beginning I was the typical kid with the "you're not my dad" attitude.  Geeesh, when I think back...he's the best dad I coulda bio dad (who lives here too) is an alcoholic and always about self rather than family.  So I was a real brat and I had no right to be.  He treated me and my brother like one of his own.  Cudo's to him!!

Speaking of "Dad's", my father in law has to have surgery for an abdominal aneurysm sometime early April, we don't have a date just yet.  It's gonna be a touchy surgery since the affected area is so close to the kidneys and they'll have to cut of the blood flow to the kidney's.  This worries him I know, since his youngest son is a kidney transplant recipient x2.  And we just found out that his favorite neice has breast cancer again and will undergo a radical double mastectomy on March 22.  WOW...lots of surgery's this year counting mine January 17th (total ab hysterectomy).  Lots of prayers heading out!

Well, it's back to the's such a beautiful, warm, sunny day here (71), the perfect day to call in with "eye trouble", that is can't see myself working today.  Someone's gotta do it though, I'll sacrifice!


randlprysock said...

We have so much in common.  I've enjoyed my visit to your journal so much.  I can see we're both Christians and both involved in the lives of our children and school and homework and busy jobs.  Makes me wonder how we do it.  Hugs and I'll be back for sure.  We both crochet too!!  Thanks again for stopping by my journal.  I love to get new readers and love those comments.  Keeps me sane I think.  Lol.  Have a great evening!  Thanks for sending me your link.  I hear ya on the chandelier.  What a waste!  Think how many people they could have fed...

randlprysock said...

Oh and we both sew too!  Way cool!  HUgs,