Sunday, March 19, 2006

Weekend's End

Red....for the red eyes that most people probably have right now from the St Patty's parties.  I did not indulge as much as was expected.  As a matter of fact, Friday afternoon had me feeling, well, kind of blahhhhh.   My hubby and I went into a pottery and purused through some the prices were awesome.  But he is not much for helping pick out one and I guess I got a little ho hum feeling.  Esp when the prices for a framed piece of art was as low as $14 for an 18x24....and one I almost brought home to go over my piano was only $50.  My favorite restaurant moved and has not yet reopened and it was really the only thing I was in the mood to eat.   So that added to my blah evening.  I even went to bed early.

Saturday I was in a rare mood.....barking orders at my daughter to put away her stuff from my living room!!!!  Geeesh can't I have just ONE room for myself.  And her room....don't get me started.  She had to pick up toys before leaving this house (2pm) to go to sleep over at a friend's.  Grrrrrrrr.....boy was she glad to get outta here.  I spent the afternoon doing laundry and straightening up.  We had a 40th birthday party to get to at 6:30pm so I had to scurry.

The party was for the fiance of a girlfriend who works just across the way from me.  He's a hoot and her parents threw the party complete with finger foods, beer and wine.  They live on a canal and I was given the private tour by the Homeowner himself.   My hubby told me to be gentle as me and Mr R went for our adventure (It was Mr R's birthday too) He told stories about the ancient indians and such as we winded through his property to the water.  One of his stories was how to "restore virginity" by crossing a small bridge (another ancient story).  A fun evening I must say.  Tom and I actually left about 9pm.....his knee was killing him.  How unusual for my hubby to want to go home this early on a Sat night.  Normally (w/kid at a sleepover) we would have headed for the dueling piano bar downtown....I have a grand time there.  Another early to bed evening (and I'm not even getting lucky here!).  Something is amiss.  But I know when his knee is hurting this much , fuggetabowdit. 

Sunday morning after breakfast, coffee and paper I dove headfirst into my daughter's room.  Picking up and throwing away; weeding through clothes that are too small; pulling out stuff to try on just in case.  Man she has a lot of clothes!!  Luckily my co-worker's grand daughter is a year younger than Tara and she gets first pick before these go to the consignment shop or to Goodwill.

I did take a couple of hours to spend with my Grandma (she's 83)...I took her to that pottery hoping she'd help me pick out a picture.  We chose one, but I was a little leary of buying it (cripes it was only $28 and would have fit perfectly over my piano).  Nevertheless I came out with 6 sets of curtains for my den (I have 6 windows there) and it was about time too!  I'd been hating the ones up there for 4 years and these were $10 each so I got a great deal.

While we were gone Tom was busy making meatballs and raviolli for dinner.   I was starved by the time I got home.  And my miss T was back home too!!  YAY!   I didn't get to finish in her room, and I never got around to ironing, but I did hang the new curtains.  They look pretty's just a den anyway, the place my husband camps out in to listen to music or watch TV mostly.

I am quite worried about my bestest friend.....she left her home here to move in w/a boyfriend about 2 hours away and he is so NOT for her.  She knows this yet keeps going back and now she has this job up there and no where to live cause she doesn't wanna go back to his place.  My idea is QUIT the job and come back home and find a job here.  My Mom and I can help get her through till she finds something.....she can clean our house and cut our hair ANYTHING just COME HOME!!!!!  Guess I'd better go call her back and see what she came up with.

Nite nite all........


randlprysock said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend.  How awesome to find new curtains!  I would love to go to the pottery place and peruse the paintings and such.  I know exactly what you are going through with trying to keep the bedroom clean and get the toys picked up and keep up with the clothing the little ones outgrow so quickly.  Thanks too for stopping by my journal and all the lovely comments you leave for me.  The man who gave you the tour and told the fascinating stories about his home on the canal sounds so interesting.  Hugs,

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

You sound like a good friend.  I hope she makes the right choice for herself.  TerryAnn.