Sunday, March 26, 2006

Weekend's End

Sunday........I had every intention of doing more than I did today.  Well, Martha Stewart I ain't, so get over it.  I need a picture to hang over my piano and I love the works of Howard Behrens, but Rockefeller is NOT my Daddy.  I found one in Pawley's Island one day on a trip back from Charleston...framed and all marked down and down again till it was $70.  I am still kicking myself because when I went back....well, ya'll know the story.

Hubby is depressed.....rightfully so.  But I am concerned about him.  He seems to be slipping in the ol brain area.  Real "duh" like.....not really competent or here in the real world.  Now he is realizing there may be something to that and it is making him very nervous.  He could hardly get to sleep last night - anxiety attack.  He's too young (54) for the old folks home!  Gotta get him some help.  He took Lexapro a couple years ago and that was good, but he felt like "so what" alot of the time.  He needs some projects...a hobby.  Maybe with Spring springing he'll get out and do more, maybe go fishing.  I know it is because of the indecision of Social Securitiy, I mean he's been fighting that for almost 2 years.  We need the break.....momma needs new shoes!!  But I don't know that even SS would be a good change for him.  I mean, he wants validation that he is injured and unable to perform, but will it actually be enough for him?  Or will he still be so depressed??  Will the extra cash be just another feeding post for drinking????? 

There is a light kid is so getting big.  9 going on 19 almost.  Coming into her own, you know with clothes and friends and what she wants.  Making choices and it is good to see her thinking about these things and not just what Mommy wants her to do.  I still have the last say so, but she has a good head on her shoulders.  She said this year she wants to participate in the dance team's parade float.  That's good.  For the last 5 years she has said NO and that has been fine with me, cause 6am comes a little too early on parade Saturday if you know what I mean.  Hard to believe this is year 8 of dancing.  It started in the beginning just a something cute to do, but then she really got into it. So this is our 4th year of competitions.  And we perform in the Nutcracker every year (yes I said WE....she talked me into it too!).  It's long and gruesome practice, but it is fun!

Speaking of Miss Thang....I should retrieve her from Nanny''s dinnertime!



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randlprysock said...

That painting trip in Charleston area sounded like so much fun.  Perhaps you will find something even better eventually.  Hope things work out with spring coming and finding a hobby for the hubby.  My husband loves to fish also.  Your daughter sounds so darling.  I think that's great you both get to dance in the Nutcracker together and that she is wanting to be in the parade float this year!  AWESOME!  I'm a cheerleading coach for the recreation department and love it.  My daughter has so much fun in it and I'm helping other little girls develop their likes and dislikes and do something very rewarding and build self esteem.  Hugs,