Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Pop-In-Law, Spring, Chin Ups & the Preacher

Yay....we received the call that Tom's Dad is out of surgery and on the way to ICU.  Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes!!  He had the abdominal aneursym repaired today along with some bowel & kidney flushing and even flushed out a blockage he had in one of his legs.  They really gave him a Spring cleaning LOL!!!! and everything is looking good! WOOOO HOOOO!  So Tom's trip to FLA didn't have to be bumped up and he'll be taking his shift with Dad April 17-24.  Now we gotta remember those poor nurses who'll have to deal with him for the next 10-14 days!!  Geesh!

Spring has sprung today for a good showing....the sun is out, the weather is 68 today and climbing to about 80 by Friday.  My burgandy car is laced with the yellow etching of pollen and my Yankee hubby is learning how to plant a garden (hang on while I stop laughing).  Tara has just come home from shopping with the Grands...Nanny and my Mom.  Remember???  She's on a mission for that new chair.  (Wonder if she found one??)  So Miss T now has a new Bratz Genie doll, Meygan.  Like we don't have enough dolls of that sort in this house!!  I am home today =) so there is ribs in the oven and I'm making a quick little appetizer.  We'll have fresh green beans and mashed taters with the ribs tonight.

Yes, I said "home today".  Sometime during my sleep last night I was laying on my tummy, dreaming.  I reached upward to the top of my mattress and gave myself a PULL, more like a slide, up to the headboard.  I immediately woke up with a YIKES! because what I felt was the inside stitched areas from my recent hysterectomy PULL.  Oh was about the equivalent of my trying to do a chin up so you can imagine all my weight pulling against fresh wounds trying their darndest to heal properly.  Will I ever learn??????  Plus I had been to the Chiropracter yesterday AND swimming at the Y...yes I actually tried to swim to see how my middle reacted to the reach and pull.  Must have been why I was reaching in my sleep......gotta watch that stuff.

Tom has been helping my step-Dad on some projects he's picked up and today when they finished up, they went up to my parents church to help errect the crosses for the Easter season.  (Mind you...Tom is a Yankee Catholic; parents are suthern SBapt)  So Tom is thinking "this is a set up" especially after his recent sleep over at the jail.  He kept expecting one of those "by the way..." conversations to start up, but they never did.  Would have served him right.  Yankee sandwich rat thar on the church lawn between those good ol redneck boys.  And under the crosses to boot!  (another moment of ROFLMAO)

And April Fool's day is just around the corner.......gotta come up with a doozie for the boss.  One year we rigged his whole desktop to fall into the floor when he opened a drawer or picked up a phone.  The best one was removing the cream filling from the Oreo and replacing it with toothpaste!!  He refuses to eat Oreo's anymore unless HE is the one to open the bag.  Go figure!!

{{to all}} ...Sharon


lifes2odd said...

Glad to hear Tom's Dad is out of surgery and doing well. Just ROFL about everything else! Martha :-)

randlprysock said...

A toothpaste oreo!  I can just see the desk top flying... and the redneck cross story is a hoot.  Another doll... while my kids pray for more toys I pray for God to send less so I'm with ya there.  Ribs and mashed potatoes, I'll be right over.  Take care of the tummy!!  Wow, blockage in one leg?  Oh that sounds really scary but glad all went well.  Hugs,