Friday, March 24, 2006

TGIF and Family and Friends

Welcome to Friday my friends!  And speaking of my friends, I have a great network of them.  From those of you way out there in J-land to my closest here at home I can feel the love. 

A hubby update.  I intended to leave him in the jail.  He phoned my Nanny saying he just wanted someone to know where he was.  She proceeded to call my Mother with a "I don't know what to do" plea.  So of course my mom calls me.  I tell her that I don't intend to get him out - he got in this mess let him figure it out.  Mom offered to go bail him out, which upon thinking of this sounded like a good idea, I mean , what better embarassment than to come face to face with your MOTHER IN LAW as she bails you out of jail.  I told her it was entirely up to her.  Low and behold he was totally embarassed, but my Mother is not acting angry at him, just acting in love, telling him how this must be embarassing and imagine what this is doing to the family (he's 54 for crying out loud and an ex-cop).  She said please let this make you realize that you need help....and that she loved him.

My coworker even talked to him when he phoned me at work to say he was at home.  Tara told him she was upset with him.  I said "why did you leave home knowing you were drunk??" and his only reason was "stupidity".  Well, DUH!  I am exercising the Tough Love stuff on him this time BIG TIME.  I have told him that I cannot and will not help him with this one not one ounce.  He's got to figure out a way to rectify this mess on his own.  I'm tired of being the one to make sure the atty and fines are paid.  He'd better come up with a plan.  I mean, seriously, it's the old if you can do the crime, you'd better be able to pull the time problem here.   Hello - I am not yer mother here!

Hubby has been waiting almost 2 years for a decision from Social Security Disability...I know that this is weighing heavy on him and contributes to his brain farts.  But you know, that's just life so deal with it.  It is a strain on us that he's been out of work, but he does have his pension from when he was a cop (disability due to an accident) and I do work.  Still it is just enough to pay bills and my funds pay for the goods like gas, food & what little fun there is. LOL

Someone in j-land (who will remain nameless) mentioned RAIN.  Well it has now been in NC since Tuesday and I'M TIRED OF IT.  Take your rain BACK!!  I need sun and warmth dammit!!  For cripes sake it's spring!

Today is the official start of Spring Break for us.  My baby is at work with me today (guess because of all the hoopla of yesterday) and it's a 1/2 day for me.  She has fun, brings stuff to occupy her time with and will occassionally fax, copy and open mail.  She even likes to answer the phone and does it quite professionally.  Her Dad promised her a day trip down to Myrtle Beach, but I wonder if he will be able to keep his promise.......there is already a sleep over planned for her at a friends house next week.  Ahhhhh the joys of childhood!

Happy Friday to all.................Sharon

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