Friday, March 31, 2006

Pine Tree Crosses, Garden planting and TGIF

This is an awesome story about Pine Tree Crosses.  I'll be on the lookout for sure!

My Papa told me many things about trees and their leaves but I had never heard this story.  I am amazed at how nature "knows" the the dogwoods will be in bloom by Easter, no matter when Easter is, March or April.  Pine tree crosses shooting towards the heavens.....the animals knealing at Old Christmas.....sunflowers "following" the path of the sun.....leaves curling up when there is impending rain.  God is awesome in His creation.

Speaking of nature, my Yankee husband just called me from the seed store to ask "which bean did you want most of?" and I said the "speckled kind - not the green ones".  He and my step-Dad are in the middle of planting the garden.  I said don't forget the fertilizer.  I do love speckled butterbeans and now my daughter is actually hoarding them from me when my Nanny cooks them.  They planted Dixie Lee peas on Wednesday (this is funny cause my hubby is such a city boy) and I said "how many seeds to a hole and did you toss in some fertilizer too?".  Hubby says no fertilizer.  HUH???  Oh my you've gotta be kidding me!  No wonder they had to replant the peas last year LOL.  I need to get a picture of Tom planting a send to NY and FLA to his family - kind of a city / gothic america portrait!!!!  What I need to do is let TOM come to work for ME and let ME go help plant the garden.  Of course I say it's doomed anyway cause my Papa always said you had to wait till after the new moon or plant on Good Friday.  Neither is here jes yet.

Well it is TGIF....and payday Friday (and I'm alone today) for all my subcontractors and as usual the boss is still mulling over the legistics of their invoices (grrrrrr).  Especially masons....why is it always a taffy pull when it comes to brick counts?!  ~*#^%  And could we wait a liiiiiiiiiiiitle later to get these guys paid today huh???  Ruin my morning already, cause the phone will be ringing "when can I come pick up my check?" and I have to say "dunno"....I have begged and begged for these things to be done by Thursday no later, but da boss always, ALWAYS, drags his feet.  One Friday it was so bad that my co-worker and I went to lunch (checks were not ready yet) and we put a note on the door that said "Call Boss at cell # for your check".  Now that went over real good!  There was a line of subs waiting outside when we got back and the boss was GONE.  That'll teach we thought.

I need to clean house this weekend....and you're all expected to KICK BUTT if I don't....I've talked hubby into taking Tara to the birthday party in the morning.  That way I have quiet time to do the things I need to without being disturbed.  Plus I bought some material and I just might get around to cutting out a dress for Tara and making a matching pocketbook.  If I do well on the pocketbook, I'll make one for her friend, Cassie, who just happened to spend the night last night.  They are at the farm today, too, chasing the goats not planting LOL.

Oh well, TGIF to everybody and have a fun April Fool's Day!



lv2trnscrb said...

wow, planting a garden already! That's great; here in Montana people don't start until May because we've been known to get snow even in the month of May (last year in fact, the week before Memorial Day we got six inches of snow one day). Have a nice weekend :)


randlprysock said...

I would so love to have a garden of veggies!!  Funny... American city gothic kinda thing!!  LOL!  I am laughing so hard just picturing it!  Love dogwoods.  They are so pretty.  You and I have so much in common with the sewing!  Let's post the pictures when we get done with these dresses.  Maybe it will help motivate us to actually get it finished. Oh I would kill for just a whole day to sew and paint and not have any interruptions except when I click the remote to another one of my recorded shows I never get to watch.  Hope the payroll goes smoothly.  Have a wonderful weekend!  

lifes2odd said...

Guess I know who to come to when I plant my garden. I'm a Florida girl, don't even know where to start! Martha :-)

cacklinrosie101 said...

Wow, you are one busy lady.  I used to sew all the time.  I think I've gotten totally lazy as I've aged.  LOL...or maybe I just don't have the energy like I used to.  It about kills me to clean the house on the weekend.  Love the pine tree crosses story...HUGS  Chris