Thursday, March 16, 2006

When will the Ides End?!

On top of a full moon, the Ides have done their best to frustrate us all this week in our office.  We have inspectors being total ****'s, homeowners wanting to know "why, where and when" and no one wants to be at work especially as sunny and beautiful as it is.  To top it off, I gave the boss the payroll to approve - something he promised me he would always have done by the end of Thursday business - WRONG!!  Not today.  And it's a heavy payday tomorrow so this is all we need is to wait till the last minute.  Our sub-contractors bill us every 2 weeks for pay and their work must be verified by our Super.  We're all done...just waiting on the big boss.  Most people love payday...hmp..just try getting it processed around here you'll change your mind.

Next week my hubby's cousin will have surgery.  A radical double mastectomy.  She and her doc weighed all options and this was the best route for her.  She is only 53....keep her in your prayers.  Then if that wasn't to be enough, another prayer request, hubby's Dad has his aneurysm surgery the next week on the 29th.  Said he'll be in the hospital for 2 weeks (poor staff!) then home recouping.  Tom will fly down to FLA to help out, he just is trying to coordinate dates with the other bros and sis's.

Today I feel fat.  Is it the moon ??? (wish)  I feel like any and all rolls are protruding and that the seams of my clothes would burst at any moment.  I'm off to the Y for my walk in the pool.  Maybe today I'll try actually swimming to see if my body has healed enough to tollerate the twisting movement of swimming.  I have only been walking in the lanes and paddling with a kick board, doing some side leg lifts and jumping jack stuff.  Figure that's gotta be worth something.  Regular walking outside bothers my joints, plus you get hot and sweaty and bugs bite.....waaaah!  The pool is nice and cool and the resistance is great.  I need to actually helps boost my energy level, but that doesn't matter while I sit on my BUTT all day at work!!

On a lighter note, my daughter wants to go over to a friend's house tomorrow night for a sleep over and my hubby has asked me to go out with him.  Wow...a real date!!  No kid!!  I won't know how to act!

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