Sunday, March 26, 2006


All in all it was a pretty good weekend.  Tara went to work with me on Friday since I'm only there 1/2 day it is a good idea.  After work we set out on a mission to get her a real live manicure .... the French Tip kind.  She was nervous but soon realized it was a great treat.  I think I've created a monster!!  What have I done?!?!?!?!

I had promised a friend that we'd go bowling Friday night, so we met up at a bowling alley.  I totally cut up and let loose...I needed to.  I've been so caught up lately in Hubby drama and Kid drama and Nanny drama and bestest friend moved away to be with a loser boyfriend drama (I finally convinced her to move back home this weekend!!), father-in-law surgery upcoming get the picture.  We had a blast.  We ventured over to the pool tables, shot a few games and then headed out to a dueling piano bar.  I love this bar (hey, isn't that a country song??).

Saturday was sleeping late....oh boy did I need that after coming home at 1am.  Lots and lots of Cap'n Morgan & pineapple the night before.  Actually too much pineapple...that acid eats at my tummy.  Must switch to Sprite or a citrus drink.  So Saturday was recoup day and just lay around till time to go to the bosses wife's Pampered Chef party.  Not much of a party let me tell you, nor did I expect it to be.  Not compared to the night before.  Nevertheless, I indulged her, played nice, bought a couple of gadgets and drank her punch - I offered to go out to my car and get my rum.  Oh the frown I got for having booze in my car.  Mini bottles or as I like to call em "pocket booze".   What??? What did I say???

And Sunday is usually the catch up day...the OMG look at the laundry day.  A few loads here and there, some TV or radio- I actually watched that nut Larry the Cable Guy - I don't normally like him, but it was tollerable.  I think my reasons for not liking him stemmed from the resemblance to hubby's drunk plumber friends.  Gotta stop that stereo-typing.  And I did make myself watch "My Best Friend's Wedding".   As far as Julia Roberts goes, I liked "Erin Brockovich" and "Runaway Bride" much better.  I like the drama of "Erin"....the mystery.  I like action "The Rock" and "Entrapment" and "Murder at 1600".  But sometimes a chick flick is in order.

Hey did you notice.....?  No romance.  No walks in the park.  No candlelight or fireplace's with champagne?  What's up with this picture???  Gotta do something to change this scene.  The night is still young yet...........hmmmmm.  Crap, I just remembered I need to change the sheets..........


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randlprysock said...

Change the sheets... I know... oh do I know that never ending battle of the household duties!!  The French TIp manicure sounds like heaven!  Half a day Friday?  Do you get to do that every week?  Way cool.  Lots of dramas going on... hope it all settles down soon.  What's the Nanny drama?  Tell us more about the best friend and the loser boyfriend one too.  Hope FIL surgery goes well.  Will keep you in my prayers for that one.  Oh I'd need more than half a day or so to get back on my feet if I had a drink of any kind with alcohol.  I'm way overdue for that indulgence.  Lol.  And speaking of laundry, I found one of my daughter's new dresses in the bottom of the closet with a huge chocolate stain on it.  Grrr.  Hugs,