Monday, March 27, 2006

My Nanny

Sharon’s Horrible scope "….. when a very strong feeling hits you now, admirably, you won't think twice before expressing it. You won't even want to." This is funny because I usually DO say whatever comes to mind.

Especially where my Nanny is concerned. She is one of the neatest people ever. She doesn’t mind one bit telling me what to do or how to do it or when or to get off my butt. That’s why I don’t mind telling her "what for". Like lately she’s having issues being light headed. The doc said she was bordering diabetes and to keep an eye on her sugar levels. Well Saturday and Sunday her levels were up to 200. I made her a list of things to NOT eat/drink…like cutting the sugar in her tea by half, buying the brown rice instead of the good ol white one we love so much…easy on the pie and soda. We’ve been telling her to lay off the white stuff for a while now but does she listen?? Nooooooooooooooo. And she wonders why she gets so sleepy. She has made a Dr appt for Tuesday and I said to her "are you gonna tell him everything? you know, the truth? cause the truth shall set you free!" and she said YES she was gonna tell all…..Yeah right, I’ll bet. She’ll leave out the part about dipping snuff. No wonder she’s light in the head. And she’ll tell him she eats normal meals too…….WRONG!!! Her lunch yesterday was beef, rice, gravy, potato salad, 2 biscuits (one w/jelly) and tea. Hello!! Where are the veggies??? She loves veggies. Too much starch!!! Starch = sugar. This lady drives me crazy. I told her I was gonna fax a letter to the Doc saying "this is what really goes on" just so he’d have a better idea of reality. Maybe my Mom will go with her and spill the beans.

Nanny also wants what she wants when she wants it, which is usually right now. She has a funny way of encouraging you to hang a picture for her or take her shopping. At 83 she is fiesty and has a lot of energy. Plus she is always changing things in her home like pictures and paint on the walls. She even had Tara on the ladder painting the highest parts. She will paint anything in sight…she has gourds growing and when they are ready THEY get painted! Now Nanny wants, more like NEEDS, a new chair in her sitting room. Of course someone needs to go with her to pick it out and bring it home (we all have trucks) but she wants to go Yesterday!! Whew it never ends.


aeelarual said...

Through out all of my many, many years here on earth I have had the bad habbit of reading a magazine from the back to the front.  Now that I am grown up a bit, I find that I still have the same bad habbit, only now it is journals that I read backwards, but I am telling you if all of your journal is as straight forward as this entry, I am going to Love your journal all the way to the begining.

Laura Lee

randlprysock said...

Your nanny sounds absolutely perfect... just adorable.  And she has you looking out for her.  She has as much energy as Rob's grandma who is 98 now I think.  Thanks for sharing.  HOpe she gets that whole doctor and diet situation worked out.  Hugs,