Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ides upon us all!

This is prozac under a microscope.  I'd like for all the world to be a recipient right now.  Especially some that I work with and around.  Geeesh, if today is the official "Ides of March" then how do you explain yesterday??? 

I spent yesterday listening with one ear and watching with one eye while I performed my mundane tasks at work.  I was multi-tasking at my desk and listening to a co-worker (we'll call her Ms D) try to explain something to the CPA that I did last year.  Her explaination was soooo totally WRONG and she knew better because it was something she had been involved with....grrrrrr.   So I said "No No No!.....Gimme that phone!" And the boss calls me to discuss property he owns that he thought he had sold to his company to get a construction loan...not the case according to Ms he tells me to take 5 mins and go into her office and straighten her out.  Oh boy......Boss has no clue what it takes down here to keep the irons outta the fire.

Whew......thank God when it was time to leave and head over to meet my hubby and girl.  She needed new dance shoes and I had already had them held behind the counter so that they could just walk in and try them on before I got there.   They fit great (another $40!) and off to dance class we go.  We were able to listen to the judge's comments from this weekend.  They all said the same thing in both dances POINT YOUR FEET!!!  How many times have they heard this??  After class I decided to head over to the Y for a walk in the pool and by the time I got home, my baby was asleep.....awwwwww.  Homework done, multiplications studied, teeth brushed --the whole 9 yards.  WOW!

Bedtime for Mommy.....Tom is feeling blue these days.  His dad has to have aneurysm surgery on March 29th.  His mom died in 1998 and St Paddy's is upon us---one of his Mom's favorite holiday's being a good Irish gal.  So it hits him because he misses her so.  She used to decorate all out.  And when I got home last night my kitchen was "green" with shamrocks.  I know he's thinking a lot about his Mom.

Speaking of hubby....this morning I was thinking how great he can be.  Don't get me wrong, we've been through some doozies and I mean doozies.  But he is so good to get up and get Tara off to school...he makes her lunch, snacks, and drives her then comes home and goes back to bed.  (He is retired)  I was thinking how nice that he will let me get in some extra Zzzz's before I have to get up and go to the grind.  Plus he picks her up from school most days, they grab a bite to eat then it's off to homework land and 2 days a week he drives her to dance class.  It is good that they are bonding this way (he's the step-Dad --her bio/sperm donor is dead), but I'm missing out here.  I do get up and help her with clothes and hair but it is only briefly cause I hit the sheets for one more hour of snooze.  This morning Tom made sure the trash can was by the road before he's small stuff like that which seems to go unnoticed and unappreciated.  I guess I need to call him and tell him a big THANK YOU.

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