Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hubby's at it again!

Very blue mood....I should have known better than to say hubby was "doing great".  He has an alcohol problem and always seems to end up back with his old friends who are also indulgers.  So today he called one of them and I made a comment about "can't seem to stay away" from the ex-job and we exchange some words and he says "I don't want to continue this conversation".

So I head to the pool for my jog...afterwards, I noticed he'd called my cell so I called back (6:45pm).  He was home and I could tell by the slough in his voice that he'd been into the bottle.  So me being me had to go and say something smart to the tune of "so have another drink before I get home"....he said "how about 2" and I of course said "10 or 12 whatever".  I picked up Tara from Nanny's (next door 1000' feet away, but my closest neighbor) and upon getting home low and behold guess who has left the building!  (7:15pm)  About 45 mins later I get a call from the friend Tom had called.   Asking "did you hear?"....I thought for a minute he was gonna give me really bad news.  I said "what?" and he proceeded to tell me how he'd just come home from work and passed Tom surrounded by 5 city cops, 1 state trooper and a county cop.....they arrested him for DUI.  My mother offered to take me to pick up our we did that and I got back home around 9:45pm.  It is now 10:15pm and he just called saying "locked up...come and get me, hurry up" to which I replied "not gonna do it" and hung up.

A couple of entries ago I said we'd been through some doosies....well, it starts with his drinking.....then his brain forgets all sense of right and wrong.  Like tonight.  How many times have I said you don't leave home under the influence or you don't hit the barz and drive.  But you see.....this is all my fault of course. (sarcasm)  I pushed all the right buttons that sent him over the edge blah blah blah blah yeah yeah yeah.  I will NOT get him out tonight. 

For one reason I don't have the money available for bail since I just today purchased his plane ticket to FLA (for his visit to see his Dad after he has the aneursym surgery). Luckily I paid for the travel insurance so maybe, Just MayBe I can cancel and get my money back.  Stupid me.....something told me as I was about to "confirm purchase" DON'T DO IT and did I listen to my self???   Noooooo.  Now I get to try and pursuade them to cancel and gimme my money.  He can be on his own and walk to FLA for all I care.  I am so tired of cleaning up his messes.  This isn't my first rodeo.  Did I mention he's an ex-cop, retired?  Can someone say "stooooooopid"?  That's reason number 2.

He just called back from jail that time - collect - I picked it up and hung it up promptly.  Guess I'd better go and toss my phone off the hook and shut off my cell phone.  That should really ice his cake!  Let him call those "friends" he has.  But hey...I can't drag my kid out at this time of night to trapse downtown to a jail and she has school in the AM and I gotta go to work hence reason number 3.  (No he's not vindictive or mean so I don't worry for my safety.)  Thank God they didn't impound the truck like they did they caddy 2 years ago.  I am shocked that a man his age cannot handle life in general.  I could better understand it if he'd won the lottery and wanted to celebrate or if his best friend got married, but just because he got a little pissed off????? 

I always say "better pissed off than pissed on"!!!!   ROFLMAO  I"m going to bed......nite nite and thanks for letting me ramble.



barebytes said...

You did right. Don't take the blame or the guilt. I hope he learns that his world isn't all that bad or hard to face. Hugs Lanny

alphamoon65 said...

(((((hugs))))))))) sounds like your having a day where a hug is the best I can sometimes words just don't work so well.  I hope the hubby learns from this. I like to have my cocktails, but I plan on a driver...always...or I just don't indulge.  Hope things work out from this.  Take care, oh and another hug! lol