Monday, March 6, 2006

March 6, 2006

Hello out there.....this is my first time so be gentle!  It's a typical Monday in the world of work and home.  Kid is struggling with 3rd grade multiplication and retired hubby is little help in this area.  Anywho.......just wanted to say "HI" and see how this blog/journal stuff works.  I've recently had a total hysterectomy - doing fine - and trying to get "in shape" (like round's not a shape!) since I have (ahem) gained a few (ahem) pounds over the last 4 years.  But I do love chocolate....and bread....they are my weakness. 

I did join a community women's group that has a pool and I started yesterday just doing slow laps.  Figure if I can do this 3-4 times a week would help tremendously since surgery (still can't do the twist yet)....water is such a good low impact exercise.  Plus it is nice and cool and hardly feel like you're working out!  Anyone have any great ideas???  Good recipes?  Jokes?

I'll be glad when our weather (NC) straightens out....50s one day then 70s the next.  I'm keeping a head cold due to my allergies.  Warmer weather always agrees with me.  My family has a home on the beach so it will be nice to be able to spend some time there relaxin and chillin out.

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alphamoon65 said...

welcome to  I understand the few pounds thing....I am working on losing some of that myself.  I love the ocean, but I am in I do not get to see it enough...about once a year.  I am also a  New studies are finding that dark chocolate is good for you.  Finally!

shayshaydc said...

Welcome!!! I love chocolate to!!!! I love water aerobics!! It is great for getting in shape!!!! Hysterectomy huh? No more period!!!! Yea!!!