Saturday, April 15, 2006

Hoppy Easter Eve & Good News

Hi J-land friends.  Thank you for all your kind words and well wishes for the little girl.  My co-worker and I have talked to the parents and they are going forth with everything they should be doing; rape counseling center, courts, attorneys, doctors.  Hopefully everything will turn out for the best.  The pervs will get their day in court and hopefully find new lives in a not so cozy prison.

When I got home from work Friday, I checked the mailbox as usual.  Inside was a thicker than usual letter from the Department of Social Security.  I didn't open it.  I waited till Tom was done with his shower and dressed to go out.  Told him to sit down and I slid the envelope to him, upside down, on the table.  When he turned it over and seen the "from" he glanced at me with a look of "what now?" and opened it like a trooper.   We've been fighting this since July of 2004 and each envelope has always been "sorry" and we have an attorney involved and we've recently written the Congress man to tell him to HELP!  Well....the letter said.........

are you ready for this?????

the letter said "we totally approve your disability and it is retroactive from July 2, 2004"   WOOOO HOOOO!  You talk about a happy camper (doing the happy dance).  Tom has not wiped that grin off his face yet.  This is such a load off of his mind.  He has hurt so bad for so long, he really needed someone to validify his pain.  This is the Ace!  The letter said all should be settled within 60 days.  Yippeee!

It was an absolutely beautiful day with weather hitting near 90.  The trees and bushes are glorious and showing off for a great Easter weekend.  Tomorrow is to be just as nice.  I had some errands to run in town this morning so we picked Tara up from her sleepover with Cassie and headed out.  I picked up some mineral treatment packets for my hair and 2 casual shirts.  Tom & Tara had been dumped out at Target so by the time I got to them they had found all they needed....Tara picked out a Barbie Vet Dog and Mr T found some cases for her gameboy games.  Wow....a light load for them.

Guess the shopping trip of today was light compared to Friday night.  My step-Dad's son got in about 5pm from LA and we all met at an Italian restaurant.  Tom & I were there first so we ordered appy's of Toasted Ravioli and Calamari which were served just shortly after the rest of the family showed up.  We had good food and good conversation then it was off our separate ways.   I noticed that the mommy'mobile headed towards Wrightsville Beach and Tom & I ended up in Walmart.  We picked up 3 pair of shorts for Tara and another bathing suit, shampoo & conditioner for me, and Mr Bunny picked up the Bratz Genie movie for Tara.  I did buy a bamboo plant for my Nanny and I finally bought a new coffee maker, since Tom broke mine about a month ago....been getting coffee at the gas station!  At Boater's World I splurged for me some new Sperry Get Wet sandles...they are so comfortable...better than my Rainbow's.  I also found a Little Pirate one piece outfit for Chase and on the back it said "poop deck"'s too cute.

Tara was with a friend overnight Friday (and with Tom's good news)  I'm thinking "hmmmmm  a nice night ALONE with my hubby".  Well it was ALONE.....after promises of a good time, I'll give you 3 guesses who was first asleep.  Oh well.....same old story diff day!

My Nanny came up and had dinner with us tonight...I roasted potatoes with garlic and lemon pepper and we grilled steaks.  After she left I began baking.  I have the stand up lamb pan and attempted to make him....well, he fell.  I don't understand why.  But all I have is HALF a lamb, so I got out my egg shaped pan and put in another cake.  It's still baking.  Tomorrow we'll have dinner at Mom's.  Tom has prepared baked ziti; I'll make a brocolli casserole and take the cakes.  Mom is cooking mashed potatoes, beans and a ham.  All in all there will be 11 at the table at 1pm.  Tom says we'll go to the Baptist church this time....that will be good for Mom & Nanny to have us there as well as Adam.  Plus it is near our homes and we won't be wasting time and gas running into town to his big fancy Cat-lick church.

Well, it is getting late and the bunny is due here any time now.  You know what they say.....if you're not asleep, they won't stop.  Boy he and Santa really have a good racket going here to get you to bed on time!  So if I want any good chocolate, I'd better get my butt under some covers.

Good night all and have a wonderful Easter!



cacklinrosie101 said...

Whoo hoo...that must be a huge relief with SS and a nice retro check should be arriving.  Unfortunately, you are not alone with fighting SSD.  More often than not, an attorney is needed to appeal their darned rulings.  Have a happy and blessed Easter...HUGS  Chris

debbiewebb4465 said...

Oh I'm so pleased you have had good news from Social Security. If it's any consolation we have the same problems with ours over here! Hope the perv gets everything he deserves, and a lot more besides grrrr ~ to put it mildly. I wish you and your family a Very Happy Blessed Easter :-)
love n hugs ~x Debbie x~

lifes2odd said...

And a very happy Eater as it turns out for you guys!! Congrats on the SS!!! My husband has been there, done that. After he was turned down the second time he stopped trying even though he was advised to get an attorney and fight it ::sigh::

Have a great day! Martha :-)

chat2missie said...

Happy Easter to you and I'm glad things are settled with the Dept of SS.