Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Upcoming and Unfinished Business

I am reflecting on all that still needs to be done and my list of things forthcoming.

I did make a dent in some house chores this weekend, but it was so darn pretty outside that I found myself desiring the deck.  I fought the notion and went about my business.  There is still a lot to be done.  I must organize the extra extra bedroom which has become a free for all room.  (This is why I could only find one bowling shoe)  If only I had a little more energy......this hysterectomy recovery reminds me that I cannot always move the way I want to or need to.  I.E.  I cannot do the "Twist", not that I want to, it's just that a lot of things in life we don't realize we do until that jolt of pain strikes, like simply using one hand on the wheel to turn the car around a corner.  April 17 is the 3 month anniversary of surgery...I'm told it takes a good 6 months so I guess I should be glad that I am half way there.  Still......

Purchased one of those sewing boards this weekend thinking that I could just plop it down on the floor and lay out my stuff.  Sure, that works...only my body said WTH???  Sitting and stretching and reaching.....grrrr.....that's when I felt the pangs of pain of what seemed to be the still healing parts of my insides.  You know the ones where they cut and stitched to something else....pulling like taffy only without the pleasure.  I managed to get the dress cut out and even cut out 2 pocketbooks - one for Tara and one for her friend.  I may have enough fabric to make a skirt for the friend, that way her purse will match too.  I always try to buy extra fabric cause ya never know what else you'll want to use it for.

One of last year's dress creations was getting a bit short (my kid is a bean pole) so Tara asked me to get some kind of lace or eyelet for the bottom.  I picked up a cute little 2" cotton eyelet and pinned it on and added some to the top just to dress it up.  Yes, I said "pinned it on" and not "sewed"...haven't got to that part yet.........sigh.  I figure now that I've got all the patterns cut, I'll get it all done at one time (yeah right!).  Since Miss T is such a bean pole, I only have to lengthen some of the patterns I already have (yay!) but I've noticed that I will need to move into the 10-12-14 patterns for Winter or next year's creations.  I get excited when I see the many different crafty ways out there and wish I could just spend my time creating things...maybe to sell or just give away for birthday or Christmas.  Ahhhh, but the pay sucks!

That is why I must get a handle on my disorganization!

Which this is a hard task when there are so many other distractions.  You know the one - Mon-Fri JOB.   I travel some 15 miles one way to work which means a good hour round trip spent in travel each day.  Then 2 nights of dance (back into town, but luckily Tom brings her), and then this weekend is the Festival and we have to be downtown (back to town) by 7am on Saturday to be ready for the Dance Float in the parade and then she dances at 3-4:30.....whew!  It's an all day hurry up and wait.  Sunday is Palm Sunday - we'll probably go to church (back to town) and then the next weekend is Easter with Tom leaving for FL on that Monday!

Whew.................(was there any Sharon time in there????) 

I think I need to start out each day with the GO and ACCOMPLISH attitude  sisk boom bah!  instead of trying to catch 30 more minutes of Zzz's.  Maybe I'll try week!


randlprysock said...

Hi!!  I missed stopping by your journal the past day or two and had to get my rear in gear and get over here to see how the sewing is coming along.  I hear ya on the bending and twisting and reaching because in my case I'm just plain out of shape so I've been walking like crazy at night to drop these inches as fast as I can.  So far I think after two weeks of walking I've lost about 1/2 inch.  I can tell just a little that things are starting to tone up.  How do you like that cutting board?  Do you set it on your floor?  I was wondering how much they cost?  I so hear ya on the job taking up time and commute.  Even though I'm working from home again, I work a split shift so everything I do has to be squeezed into certain hours and most of my work is done in the evenings... when I'm busiest around here.  The parade sounds wonderful.  We just have to get to church this Sunday.  I love Palm Sunday.  We are trying out a new one.  Hugs,

lifes2odd said...

Boy can I relate to this entry! I'm definitely not into the GO and ACCOMPLISH attitude this week! I'm wiped out! Maybe next week for me too! Martha :-)