Sunday, April 2, 2006

We Sprung!

I love Daylight savings time!!!!  I love the fact that it will not be dark as I drive home and that I will have time at home that is not dark as well.  Now I can "see" my yard....I can sit on my back deck and feel the warmth of the sun.  We will be able to "see" what is cooking on the grill.  Won't be long until the Azalea's are in full bloom and the mosquito's are out looking for lunch!  Ugh, that has got to be one useless bug!  What was God thinking????  I'm putting that one on my list of questions to ask the Big Guy.

I also like clocks.  Doesn't matter that I have one in my living room already and two in the kitchen and one sitting in the floor looking for a wall (it used to be in the living room over my piano), not to count the various bedrooms etc .... I'd have a bunch of them.  Until days like today when they all have to be changed.  Guess it is all one big game to me...making sure they are all on the same minute.  It will take me about 1 week to get my body used to this change, but overall I LOVE IT!

Saturday I had a question that I'm not so sure has an answer.  I spent about 1-2 hours ironing while washing/drying.  Why is it that I have all this laundry and never anything to wear?  I am so disgusted with my, I'm more disgusted with my weight is more like it.  (The only other time I weighed this much was the day Tara was born!)  But, too, I spent time Friday in the mall looking at tops and I could not find what I wanted.  So disappointing.  I have a lot of casual clothes, but I wanted to spice up some things with some really cool tops.  Oh well, eventually something will come up.  Better yet, something should go down!  like my weight!   Grrrrrrr....  I know, I know, get rid of the chocolate and Sundrop (soda), lay off the breads and pastas.   I need a trip to Florida to Bealls to shop.  I can usually find things there...although I wasn't too successful this past Christmas when I was there......(sigh)...

Tara was invited to see "Ice Age 2" today with her friend Cassie which gave Tom and I time alone to hit Walmart for some Easter basket shopping.  This will probably be the last year for all the "fairy tale" stuff.  She already knows the toothfairy is, well, ME.  I have all ideas that the Easter bunny will be the next one to get the axe....I don't even wanna think about Santa (although I probably will keep that one going just because of the element of surprise).  In the beginning I toyed with the idea of not starting these traditions, but I thought "why not?" especially when all the friends would be experiencing the joys of being surprised by a mysterious happening.  It is nice to have something to believe in that is fun and somehow "magical".  Besides, kids that don't "believe" can be so mean to kids that do.   Ahhhh, she is growing up so fast.

We've all "sprung" forward and Spring Break has officially ended.  The weather is great here now.....75 today....80 tomorrow.  It probably will not get much lower than a 65 in the day from here on out.  It's those 98's that bother me.  75-80 I can learn to love!  I am glad that this will be a nice week weather-wise to go back to school with.  The kids will be so excited to have sunny warm days. 

Tom's Dad has just been moved from ICU to a private room tonight which is GREAT news.  I am so relieved that they were able to repair his abdominal aneursym.  Tom was able to say "Hi" to him earlier and he said he sounded like someone who's just had surgery should...groggy and weak.  He's a tough old bird, he'll be just fine.  They had told him he'd probably be in the hospital 2 weeks which would put him getting out on the 12th --- just in time for Easter.   Danny, Tom's brother, lives at home with Dad so he'll be there anyway to help out and I"m sure they'll send in home health care.  (Danny has lupus and is a 2x kidney transplant recipient)  The youngest daughter will be there for the Easter weekend, then Tom will fly to Tampa on Monday the 17th to stay a week and help out.  How will I survive a week without him (hehehehehe) ??  No, really....HOW?   He gets up and gets Tara up and out the door for school (drives her there and picks her up), helps with her homework and packs her lunches plus he gets her to dance classes on Tues & Thurs.  Yikes.....I've been so spoiled lately being allowed to sleep late....OH NO!!!!!  The pressure!  Time to re-group.




xxroxymamaxx said...

I'm not ready for daylight savings! lol  That hour will be so hard for me to catch up on! But I'm glad Tom's Dad is ok.  My mother had an abdominal anuerism when she was pregnant with my little sister.  They both were ok too.  Prayers for him.  And sorry you didn't have any luck shopping.  I love Bealls too.  Go there all the time!  GBU, Shelly

lv2trnscrb said...

I always like when we get our hour back in the fall; takes me a bit to adjust to losing an hour, but I do like it light at night longer. Glad your husband's father is doing good.

have a good week back in action :)


lifes2odd said...

I love daylight savings time too but boy am I worn out today. Daylight savings time and spring break ending shouldn't be so close together! It's going to take a few days to adjust! I was ready for bed ... oh, around 2pm today! LOL!
Enjoy! Martha :-)