Monday, April 24, 2006


Imagine my surprise as I look online into the joint checking account balance to find that Social Security has dumped a sizeable amount of cha-ching in!!!!!!  Can you say "Whew" ?  That will be a load off Tom's mind.

Because of Tom's history, I immediately set up 2 transfers out of this account....can't have him buying drinks for the entire area.  Yes, I'm still leary of his having access to so much money...he doesn't have a good track record. 

So yesterday I tried the photobucket thing for adding photos and I see that only 2 have shown up.  I will try to post these via AOL when I get home this evening.  Sorry for the tease!  I'll have to tweek the picture posting.


njmom72 said...

Congrats on the cha-ching hun, gotta love that! :-)

~ Susan

chat2missie said...

I wish everyday when we looked in our checking accts someone dumped a sizeable amount of Cha-ching in!! Have a good one!

oquinn2004 said...

So what are you gonna buy???  LOL.  I hope you can spend a little for yourself.

Have a nice night.....Liz

pennietoonz said...

Wonderful! I love cha-ching! :)  LOL

randlprysock said...

So glad you got a nice deposit.  Hugs,

mastersblynn said...

I love that sound! Barbara