Monday, April 17, 2006


Grrrrr.....I am so aggravated with my home computer.  However, I shall not complain too much because it does allow me access to the www and my friends.  Thank GOD I have a good friend who is an electronics gu-ru.  She lets me yell and scream when I get stuck and she takes me by the "hand" and leads me through.  Like tonight...I've had trouble in AOL since Friday, dunno why....I restored, it worked fine.  The weekend came and went and AOL was good.  Tonight as I'm finally working through my emails and alerts it has a cyber-fart.  I could not reply to any J-landers and I could not update my own.  Grrrrrr.  Time to get a new system and give this one over to Miss T.

Any way I'm here now.  I must say that I am saddened to learn of our loss of Pam.  She was incredible...who would have thought.  But what a way to go out at the Easter season, Jesus' resurection and Pam's reception...the angels are rejoicing. my my....I'll just bet you partied it up my dear.  Happy Birthday 2U.

Everybody's Easter looked and sounded absolutely delightful.  Did we all over do it?? Yes....lots of good food and company.  Can we say Alka Seltzer?

Shelly and Martha are going to "surprise" my hubby in Fla this week...I've told him if 2 crazy ladies accost him on the street, just take it like a man!! and say Thank You! LOL.  Seriously, Tom has arrived safe and hungry in Tampa and, after a couple of stops, is safe in Bayonet Point with the recuperating Dad and lil brother.  His Dad had a rough day on Sunday, very sore and still bloated from the surgery.  I'm sure he tried to do things he shouldn't have and just over worked his traumatized body.  I know they are glad to have him there to help out, but I'll miss him so!  I don't like to sleep alone.  About Thursday I'll be going nuts...but hopefully Friday I'll have my "girls night out" and Miss Tara has a dance competition Saturday afternoon which should last till about 11pm when the awards are over.  Maybe we'll stay for them.  The competition is only about 45 minutes from home this time (yay!) so it shouldn't be too bad. 

My step-brother was very generous with his time here.  Arriving on Friday at 5pm, he had dinner with us and toured the beach.  Saturday he and his dad spent the day running errands and working at the farm.  Sunday of course was family day with church, dinner, then he hid some eggs for Tara and made a fuss over the new little nephew.  Later he went for his first golf outing .  Today they went to Myrtle Beach...he'd never been, then visited his sick uncle.  He will head back to LA tomorrow morning.  He says "company is like fish....after three days they start to stink".  He has a small part on "Passions" for next week and some other "irons in the fire".  Too bad I don't watch that one.  Funny how he fits right in with us....he wasn't raised with us and has only been in our lives for about 10 years now.  He waited till he was 18 to "meet" his Dad and thank Dad for allowing him to grow up in a normal lifestyle, not butting in like other ex-dads etc.  My step-Dad always paid his child support, didn't grumble about it, and sent extra on birthday's and Christmas just because, and stayed out of the kids life in order to "not complicate" things.  And because of this the kid was totally understanding and grateful.  He really has a mature attitude about it all...I mean he could have come out with the "why me's" and anger, but he sees the real big picture.

Well, tomorrow is gonna be different for me.   I've got to get up at the crack of dawn to get sleepy head up and ready to shove into the school system.  I've been lucky lately and Tom's been letting me sleep late, but not this week.  Good thing she's buying lunch this thing off the list.  So, I'm off to sleepy land....I hope.  I hope I sleep good.   Nite nite all!


chat2missie said...

It wasn't your computer.  AOL was having all sorts of troubles today.  Have a good night.

queeniemart said...

I hate it when the PC screws up...its very upsetting. Hope you get to the bottom of it soon. Glad to hear DH made it safe and sound. I hope you have a great day. HUGS, lisa

njmom72 said...

Oh I HATE pc problems, they are the pits. Glad to hear your hubby made it safe. :-)

~ Susan

randlprysock said...

Wow, the maturity of your stepbrother is amazing.  Glad you had a lovely Easter.  Sorry to hear AOL/computer was giving you problems.  Glad hubby made it to Tampa safe.  I am so sorry to hear about Pam also.  Okay, back to my nyquil and having the sickies.  Hugs and tootles for now;  I think a nap is in order.  LOL.

debbiewebb4465 said...

Hiya ! I think it was AOL rather than your pc ~ a lot of people have said they were having problems ~ me included LOL Glad to hear your husband has arrived safely and hope you're not too lonely !  I was also sorry to hear of Pamela's loss.
Take care, love Debbie ~xxx~