Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thursday's A Mess



Today was full of surprises...I'll elaborate on that more tomorrow.  Last night was also full of surprises and one my hubby is patting himself on the back about.  He must be preparing for his 7 day trip to Florida without me!  That's all I'm saying! 

My Tara had a panic attack today at the end of her dance class.  I hate it for her.  She had suddenly got pains in her abdomen and of course it scared her.  I don't know if was from eating before dance, then stretching and dancing so much or if it was I say GAS because on the way home she began letting out some noise.  Once home she continued and now seems happier than ever.  She just finished reading me the Night Before Christmas story.....just before Easter????  Well, I guess that fits.  I mean it was Christmas first.

I am prone to panic attacks and I'll just assume she gets it honestly.  I am able to handle hers better than my own LOL.  I get her to be still and breathe deeply and slowly and she'll say silly things and so will I....this usually gets her mind off her problem and lets her relax some.  She goes to sleep with her radio playing....I remember those days myself.  Shoot, I still do this if I'm away from home, say in a hotel and especially if there is outside noise that I want to drown out.  You can probably find me next week doing this too since Tom will be away.  Kind of my way of shutting off my wandering mind.

I was able to talk my Mom into considering to have Easter dinner at her house on Sunday.  My step-Dad's son is coming in from California tomorrow night.  He's been on Broadway, All My Children, several community theatre plays and musicals, and recently made his TV debut on Showtime in "Sleeper Cell".  We never had much to do with him as his mother moved to Calif when he was just a baby and my step-Dad decided that it would be better to NOT complicate the kids life by interfering.  So lil step-bro was quite understanding and gracious for that and has enjoyed getting to know us.  When he turned 18 he contacted us by letter, and later came to NC to meet n greet.  He was here last July just before my nephew was born, so he'll get to meet lil Chase this weekend.  Should be a fun weekend!

I hope everyone has a grand weekend and a Happy Easter if that's your thing!  We'll be enjoying the eggs and food right along with ya!


njmom72 said...

Panic attacks are well known in our house. My husband gets them quite frequently and I have even gotten a few over the past ten years. Hope Tara is better now. :-)

~ Susan

queeniemart said...

I hate to hear that Tara has panic attacks........are they genetic? You are so pretty!!!! Love those pics of you.
Its really cool that your stepdad is opening his arms to his long lost son. I hope you all have a great Easter!! Cant wait to hear about the rest of your surprises!!
HUGS, lisa jo

lifes2odd said...

The first thing I thought when I read the last entry about how Tom was acting was that he was up to something and now you say he's going to Florida without you! he really was up to something! LOL!
Glad you are able to get Tara through the panic attacks fairly easily. Painic attacks stink! Poor little thing.
Have a great Easter weekend! Loved the photos by the way! Martha :-)

chat2missie said...

My daughter suffers from panic attacks.  Its very scary for her.  Wish my mom would have Easter at her house.  Oh well, I just got to clean all day Saturday now.  Have a good day!

debbiewebb4465 said...

Hi there ! Firstly, thank you so much for your comments in my journal ~ I love to make new friends !! Secondly, sorry to hear about yours, and your little girls, panic attacks. Several years ago I used to get them real bad so know how you feel, and I sympathise. I used to do what you do now, breathe deeply and this used to calm me. Also it's good to have the radio playing if it soothes you :-) Looking forward to the rest of your surprises ~ I love surprises LOL
Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter.
hugs ~x Debbie x~

randlprysock said...

That sounds nice that your Mom might do Easter dinner.  And so sorry to hear about Tara's panic attack.  Aaron and Nick get these sometimes I think only for my boys it comes out in aggressive behavior.  I love to sleep with background noise.  I like the dishwasher or the hum of the dryer or something like that or even soft music sometimes.  My husband can't figure it out but it stops my mind from wandering also and I sleep like a baby then.  That is cool you have a celebrity stepbrother coming to visit!  Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!  Hugs,