Thursday, April 27, 2006

Upcoming Events & Concerns

I need to get out and do something fun for a Friday night at the movies...maybe see "RV" which starts this weekend.  Robin Williams is such a nut.  Or that new one with Harrison Ford.  I do have plans on Saturday to attend a wine tasting event complements of the Boss.  I so like a good glass of wine -- this should be exciting.  April showers are upon us today but it is supposed to clear up and be a nice weekend. 

May Flowers - my Nanny is on a spending spree for flowers.  She has always had beautiful blooms in her yard and I'm glad to see that she's back in the mood again.  After my Papa died, she didn't care much, but forced herself to keep going.  My yard is so bare....I usually put out pansies if nothing else.  It's just a lot of work and my allergies give me a fit.

Friday Tara has an appointment with a counselor regarding her panic attacks.  It is the same lady she has seen before (3 years ago) so she should be comfortable enough.  I've got to take the time to draft up what the concerns are and why/where all of this comes from.  I'm thinking it's from the end of grade testing pressure that these kids have right now....a lot is riding on this 3 day test.  It determines whether or not they move on to the next grade.  Never mind that she's had Honor Roll A's n B's all year, Nooooo...they have to pass this stinking test.  Guess she could have skipped school all year, came in and took the test and passed it.  It is so tough on the 3rd graders now.  They are actually doing things that 5th graders used to do just a few years ago....and some of these things I didn't even learn till 8th grade!!!!!!!  I'm sure 4th grade will be even more fun!  (ugh!)

So let's all refer to my Tom as "Mega Man" from now on.  I've talked to him about his performance, er lack of, and said he needed his hormones adjusted!  He agreed (knock me over!).  I stopped by GNC last night and the lady suggested the "Mega Man" package of goodies....prostate support, cardiovascular support, virility support, and vitamin supplement!  Allllllllright!  Made especially for men over 50.  Right up his alley.  Guess I'll go out and buy him a cape!  He really WAS mega man yesterday.  He cleaned out the water conditioning tank and refilled it with salt, replaced a broken spigot, replaced the filter cartridge, cleaned the shower, dried clothes, made dinner...........whew!  I'm tired just thinking of it all.


njmom72 said...

Get out this Friday and treat yourself hun, you deserve it! Hope Tara is ok and finds out why she's getting the attacks.

~ Susan

queeniemart said...

Let me tell ya, i am all about dressing up for sex. Not me, the man. LOL   I have told Rick for years i want to get him dressed up like a cop and play with his billy club. LOL

chat2missie said...

Can you send him over to my house?  I have lots of little jobs that don't seem to be getting done. LOL

xxroxymamaxx said...

Ohhh the wine tasting sounds fantastic!  I haven't had any wine in a long time. : )  And props to your 'Mega Man'.  Can I send my husband over to take notes? lol  GBU, Shelly

pennietoonz said...

It`s good to get out and have a little fun. Us moms need to do that. I would love to go to a wine tasting event. Good luck with Tara`s appt and whooo-hooo....way to go Mega Man!! lol

imgr8phil said...

Yeah I want to see that Robin Williams movie as well.  I just hope that it is as funny as it looks like it is.  Hell, it's got to be better the Larry the Cable Guy LOL.


cacklinrosie101 said...

Boy, I need some of that mega stuff for me.  I can't motivate myself one bit.  Hope you can get Tara some help.  I had panic attacks for years.  They are awful.  She's not making it up.  Get some relaxation this weekend.  HUGS  Chris