Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Humpity Day & Misc Thoughts

Happy hump day and thank GOD this weekend is s'pozed to be a beautiful one with temperatures in the low 80's.  Hope the eggs don't spoil before we can find them on Sunday.  Speaking of Easter, I was thinking about having the family over for dinner, but then I said "nahhhhhhhhhhhhh".  I think I'll call my Mom and tell her that I'm inviting everyone to HER house for dinner Sunday.  LOL  That way maybe we'll have a little egg hunt with my Tara and my lil nephew....he's only 9 months but it would be a hoot to get pictures of him and his first Easter.  Who knows...maybe if the weather is REALLY nice, we'll take a boat ride.  Now there's one to think about....we'll have the Easter Egg Hunt over on one of the islands!  Cool!!!! 

I'm pretty sure I've got everything ready for Mr Bunny.  There is a new Bratz movie out on DVD yesterday that I may get.  Although I just bought her the "Narnia" gameboy game and Season 3 of Full House.  She loves those shows and they're pretty good for her to watch, ya know the family values and all.

My hubby is being awful sweet today....I've been telling him how he needs to "show" some love not just say it.  I mean, anyone can say the words.  We just get caught up in a rut of the way things are done...kid goes to school, comes home, homework, I'm working, then home, eat, ready for bed, TV to wind down and Zzzzzzzz.  BORING.  Tom surprised me on Sunday with flowers - that's a first.  And tonight he's been especially attentive.......hmmmmmmmmmm. What the hell am I still doing on this computer????????  I'm gonna go check things out!  (Wish me luck!)

Nite to all........


chat2missie said...

Hello there.  Thanks for visiting my journal.  I've added your journal to my alerts.  I love reading journals!  Have a good night.

pennietoonz said...

Hi, I found your journal through comments you left on many of the ones I read. I was married to a Yankee.... ( well, not Derek Jeter,but you know, a New
Awww, that`s sweet! :)

cacklinrosie101 said... how attentive was your hubby last nite?  Finally, the weather is so springy right now.  How neat it is to have a little one at Easter.  Mine are all grown but still like to dye eggs.  We are all going to my mom's for Easter except for my 19 year old.  She chose to work because she gets paid double time for Easter.  LOL...I think I'd be tempted.  HUGS  Chris

queeniemart said...

Hey hey hey....did you get lucky?!! LOL

I think we are going out to eat on Sunday. I dont want to cook. I want someone else to cook.
Take lots of pics!

debbiewebb4465 said...

Happy Hump Day !!! I love that saying LOL I say it all the time over here now :-) Glad you got flowers ~ they always make me feel good :-) And I don't have to worry about the weather spoiling any eggs ~ still tooooo cold brrrr LOL Have a lovely Easter ! and Good Luck ;-)
love n hugs ~x Debbie x~

njmom72 said...

That was sweet of your hubby surprising you with flowers, hope you have a wonderful Easter! :-)

~ Susan

randlprysock said...

Egg hunt and dinner sounds so nice for Tara and your house! I hope you have a full table with lots of family around!  I would love to get the Narnia game for Nick.  Great Easter idea!!  Yes, that work, rut thing, we got it too even though I work from home.  It's always crazy and boring, crazy and boring.  LOL.  I guess we need the boring for the crazy times.  Woo hoo on the flowers!
Luv n Hugs,

imgr8phil said...

Hope Easer is hippity hoppity for you.  Enjoy your Good Friday as well.