Friday, April 14, 2006

Thursday's Mess & Black Friday Findings

as promised

Thursday’s Mess….Oh we just heard some terrible news in our office.  Our brick mason’s 13 year old daughter was raped.  I cannot imagine the pain and anger these people are dealing with.  All I know is that it makes me ill to think of these things happening.  Thank GOD that the parents know about this and that this little girl doesn’t have to deal with this as some big secret.  As hard as it is to imagine, I hope it was not a family member… that a proper request???  I mean, to think of it being a member of your own family is bad enough, but if it were a stranger or someone who you would never be able to catch up with…..there is no easy answer here.  And with Hadon’s new book entries I so just want to run home and hug my little girl so hard.  She is so sweet an innocent and I’d like to keep her that way!  Dear Jesus….all I can pray for is the blood of Jesus to surround her and keep her safe.

Friday’s Update.  YES the guys that did this to this little girl were arrested.  The sad thing is that the man is a friend and co-worker and it was him & his brother who attacked the girl.  The mother was best friends with the wife and in the friends wedding and even hosted a baby shower for them.  Her daughter had been babysitting for the couple.  At 2am the mother woke up and felt the need to check in and called the girl.  She said everything was fine.  At 3am she was raped by both men …only one waswearing protection.


And if that weren’t enough, the boss’s 17 yr old daughter has missed some 8 days of school in a row, which he is surprised to find out since he’s been dropping her off at school every morning.  So he decides to stake out the scene with one of our supervisors (thinking he’d have to confront a boy)…..who do you think shows up to pick up the girl not minutes after?  Not what you’re thinking…………….the grandmother!!!!  HELLO!?!?!?!  Seems the girl told grandma that there were “tests” and she didn’t need to be there.  And grandma didn’t bother to check on this with the Dad?


On the notes of abuse and children, I remember having an Uncle (not blood related) who we all thought of as a dirty old man.  I don’t know what is was about him exactly, but the old “come sit on my lap” thing made us all uncomfortable.  I don’t recall that he ever got “out of line” it just was weird.  Now he may have just been a loving man for all I know, but my girl cousin also mentioned the same discomfort.  My Nanny was surprised to learn we felt that way about him.  We were always in the presence of other people, so things were obvious to the eye, we just gave him the customary “hug and kiss” and got back to what we were doing as quickly as possible.


Well….I guess that’s my “black” Good Friday stories.  I hope everyone has a good Easter Weekend! 


mastersblynn said...

How terrible!  I will pray for this little girl.  The damage done to her can  not be taken back though.  So sad.

njmom72 said...

OMG hun that is just awful. I of course will keep the girl and family in my prayers.

~ Susan

hadonfield78 said...

My thoughts and prayers are with this little girl.
No child should ever have to know that trauma.....
I see that all the time when I volunteer at the conseling center.
But you never get used to it.
Each and everyone puts me in tears.

chat2missie said...

That poor child!  I can't even imagine what she and her family are going thru.  

cacklinrosie101 said...

One thing I have an absolute zero tolerance for is sexual molesters.  What a sad thing for that poor child.  These people do not realize the damage that is caused to these children for the rest of their lives.  Really, I don't believe in the death penalty except in this case.  I just can't stand it.  Chris

randlprysock said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear about this incident.  It will probably mark this young girl's life forever if they don't get her in counseling as soon as she is ready to talk about it.  I will be praying.  I always pray for God to send extra angels to protect my children.  That is just sick those two men did this.  

queeniemart said...

I am a bit behind here...well, i was raped by a family member. Long term. Took my virginity and its still a secret. So....i can feel the pain of this child. What an absolute horrible thing.