Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hump Day Heat


Holy Hot Tamale!  Brutal, just brutal!  It's the slap you in the face heat and humidity kind of HOT   The radio guy is calling it 98 degrees outside, but you see what these read.  Needless to say I'm not going outside again until it's time to go home.


Ahhh, now there's a cool blue color.....feeling better now after seeing those red numbers above.

So it's been 24+ hours since "the meeting".  Hubby has lightened up some.  I'm still standoffish - not letting the guard down, but peeking over the top of it to maintain my grip.

We three (Hubby Roomie and Self) went over to my favorite beach restaurant.  Guess what I had Lanny??  YEP!  But this time I oinked on a LARGE steak n cheese sub.  Hubby & roomie each ordered a large pizza, the One for Me and One for You theory.  Geeesh, couldn't they have just 1/2'd one and shared it?  LOL....Tom actually didn't even think of it  ---  even after I had mentioned it.


Miss T didn't want to go since she was still at Mom's...a 2 night sleepover coming to an end....we dropped by on the way home to retrieve the child.  She was ready to be home.

Once home I just dropped on the couch...stuffed and hot!  Long day.

Earlier on Tuesday I had called the insurance company that has Miss T's annuity to change the date of the EFT.  Come to find out there had been a problem with the setting up of the account in 2004!!  Hello!  Um, write me guys!!  It was currently held as Tara, Owner and Annuatant which allowed her to take the money and run at 18!


We straightened that out.  I thought it had been initially set up ME owner, T annuatant, ME then T beneficiaries and Miss T's guardian as 2nd (if necessary). 

Do I have to do everything?

Mr Man agreed to meet my stepDad this morning to discuss the plumbing of the building he's errecting in the back of the field.  Then Tom got a call from his friend J "can you come fill in at the restaurant?".....he had initially said NO but I reminded him of his quest.

He had gone to J and said anytime you need me call....well...he called and you say NO?  NO!  Leave Miss T home w/roomie or take her to Nanny's, call him and say "I'm gonna shower and be right there"......DUH!

So here's the test........this is the same friend with the same restaurant as the Friday night "not home for Miss T" night!  We'll see how this goes.  Will he drink while there after his "shift"?  Will he call?  Will he hold true to his promises of Monday?

I do want to say a great big


THANK YOU for all of your love, support, suggestions, wisdom, FAITH and understanding during my "FUNK" mode.  It's nice to know there are friends out there willing to lend an ear and shoulder.  It's also nice to see I wasn't totally off the mark.  I've always said that I'm not too difficult and that I don't ask for too much.  Thanks for verifying that to me!  You guys are the bomb!


dondieroy said...

Hope all works out with you and your hubby. you are in my thoughts.  I am feeling the heat here too.  oh, so HOT!!!
take care,

madcobug said...

Hope it all works out to be ok. Helen

lifes2odd said...

Same temp readings here in Florida -- it's awful! Read yesterday's entry too. I sure hope you are able to work things out. I know how hard it must be for you :-(
(((Hugs))) Martha

ktkamanski said...

It's just too hot to be breathing! Hope you found some cooler comfort! Enjoy and have fun!

barebytes said...

"I just dropped on the couch...stuffed and hot!  Long day."

Hehehe Here i'd be saying it sounds like a long night also! But then you know how my mind is hahaha Stay cool and find a shower. Hugs Lanny (still want to eat your sandwich-- Wait, did that come out right?)

bobbysgirl8584 said...

it has been so hot here today but better days are coming soon; or so the weather guy keeps telling me!!! good luck with things with the hubby: one day at a time and all will work out somehow.

chat2missie said...

We're having the same hot weather here in PA.  Enjoy your night.

ab45yui said...

It was 81 this morning here in my part of MD, and it just got hotter!  UGH!  I can't wait for Fall!

imgr8phil said...

I do hope he passes that test for your sake.  The weather was in the low 70's here again.  This lovely weather is getting boring!  LOL  Take care.


mpnaz58 said...

Glad to hear some upbeat words from you...its just not like you to be down.  Hope Mr Man realizes that you're supporting him, just as you need him to support you.  Ya' think you were jes' hungry??
xoxo ~Myra

eml625 said...

Holy crap it's hot down there!
I hope he passed the test on being out. Good luck sweety.....

springangel235 said...

We are having the same weather here...extreme heatwave.  The food sounded wonderful...very filling for sure.  Glad you got the insurance issue resolved.  Hope you have a great end to your week...hugs and love,

deshelestraci said...

We have the same weather here.  Gross.  Don't make me leave the house, please!

rayne1123 said...

hope it cools off for ya soon

nay0114 said...

Man that's HOTTTT!!! Hope all goes well for you.
Take care, Chrissie