Monday, June 26, 2006

Kids are Awesome!!

    Wow is the word of today.  Miss T completed day one of Kid's Cuisine.  She wouldn't shut her mouth once we left the school.  They had just finished baking Sugar Cookies.  The first thing they did was peel potatoes for a Ham & Potato casserole (yummmmmeeeee); then they made a Blintz (with sugar, flour, cottage cheese, sour cream, egg) delicioso!;  while that was baking they made a no bake cheesecake with cherry topping.  I was blown away by the recipes they let these kids follow.  It was a group effort, with one cracking eggs while one stirs the dry stuff etc......I am so pleased with this course.

   Tara decided against the Hip Hop camp for this week.  So I said, "No camp, no signing up for hip hop; sticking with Acro, ballet & jazz".  I didn't want to let her out of this camp because she had already signed up and committed to do it.  But her heart really wasn't in it, so what's a Mom to do?

  Once TnT were home, they informed me that Nanny had picked and shelled and cooked the first pickins of the speckled butterbeans and fried some chicken.  Yummmeee again.  Complimented the potato/ham casserole and blintz very well, with a cheesecake for dessert.  If my kid keeps cooking like this, OMG, fuggetabowd da diet........

  On to another Kid making special news.  My FLA girlfriend's daughter, Lexi, got her very own review in today's Tampa Bay paper.  WTG LEXI!!!!  She's gonna be a big star someday, she's already singing at Legend's Field for the opening of games and doing theatre (notice it's theatRE not theatER).  I'll be saying "I knew her when..." someday. 


Can we all say YAY!!!





dcmeyer420 said...

Thanks for dropping by my journal.  I like giving away my surplus plants so if you want some pineapples, e-mail me and I'll send you some.

jckfrstross said...

WTG miss T keep learning how to cook:) i am so glad that they offer this to kids so many have no idea how to cook:) have a good week


newsworthy822 said...

Yum. Wish Hailey would learn to cook. LOL

Congrats to your friend's daughter. What a big honor!
Enjoy your night!

hadonfield78 said...

Yes, Kids Are Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They are the Future of the World.....

am4039 said...

that cooking course sounds awesome. I think I need to sign up. Good for lexi in Florida. Got to love those kids.

mastersblynn said...

So glad Miss T loved the cooking school.  Speaking from a Mom who has a chef for a son I gotta go Miss T!  I will have to tell Eric about all the cool things you learned to cook!  I am excited to learn about what you cook next.  Please keep us posted! Barbara

daniella12800 said...

Now that is awesome news!!!  Elisia is signed up for a class towards the end of the summer through Girls Scouts called "Kids in the Kitchen"  I am sure she will have fun also!   Yeah I would have to say no to a diet if my daughter was cooking like that.  I am happy Miss. T found something she loves!!!  

Oh my Miss. T is already involved in three different dance techniques one more...I am overwhelmed for her!!! :0)  I don't think it is a bad thing that she does not want to add the class!  

Well one day I too can say I knew someone who knew her!!!  Really cool


cacklinrosie101 said...

LOL...send Ms. T my way.  I would love some home cookin...Hugs  Chris

eml625 said...

Kids love to cook and that's sounds like a great way for them to do it !!


chat2missie said...

Sounds like your kids have a full schedule for the summer.

springangel235 said...

Yes, kids are awesome and yours seem like they are going to have a wonderful summer...enjoy!!!
Hugs and love..